Would You Be Trippin If

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  1. sup gc
    would u be trippin if u sent a "girl" on CL your dick and another pic of u of ur face that if u put the two together u could possibly tell they go together and u may later be identified? :eek:

  2. Embrace your tiny junk.
  3. Yea man look out. The government has this whole database of everyone's dicks they can look at to match them up to potential criminals. You are in trouble. 
  4. don't be so hard on your self!
  5. Lol dont be such a sour puss. if you wanna fuck around and send dickpicks dont get mad if you get exposed.
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    word. I guess you're right lol
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    I've put dick pics up, the only response was from fat ugly girls and hot gay dudes. I was flattered by the latter, I must have something special. Or hot girls aren't on the asshole of the Internet.

    You shouldn't worry about it unless your head looks a lot like your dick, or the background of the pics are similar, or your phone embedded the GPS data in the pic, or they put it into googles image matching search and find your facebook and tells your family you solicit transvestites on the Internet. And hey, a dick is just a dick and people have done much worse with much worse. What is he gonna do, come find you and blowjob you to death?
  8. life story OP
    Comedy gold
  10. it would be worse if you sent a girl a picture of someone else's dick
  12. Nope, got nothing to hide.

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