Would you be offended if...

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by GreenRangerFOH, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. you caught your gf using a vibrator?
  2. Nope I would help her finish. :cool:
  3. Opposite, I'd be turned on by it. lol
  4. Yes, my dick should be enough to please her, she shouldnt need a sex toy

  5. Does your dick vibrate bro?
  6. Nope, if anything id be down there WITH the vibrator lol
  7. No way, I'd love that.

    For anyone saying she doesn't need a sex toy, that's quite selfish.
  8. eat her out while you fuck her with it. get a little ass action going, amd loosing it up with 2 or 3 fingers... and then whatever is smaller, stick it in her ass and get some dp going...I promise you she will cum like she never has before
  9. i am confident in what i do behind closed doors.

    with that being said, if my girl wants to use a vibrator, then im all for it.
  10. Yes It can make a woman cum more then a vibrator
  11. Do you ever want to masturbate even though you have a girlfriend?

    Any man who takes it personally is pathetic. Lose the ego. Embrace open expression of sexuality.
  12. At my age, dating a girl who doesn't use sex toys is a little weird. Every girl over 30 I've ever done is usually a full blown freak. The last one would reach back during doggystyle and place all kind of vibrating things on my balls, and she insisted that when I fuck her, something be in her ass as well. Finger, dildo, whatever. She'd squirt if you kept it up right. Hilarious stuff really.
  13. would ur gf be offended if she caught you havin a wank?
  14. No less work for me .....
  15. Nah man my dick can't vibrate
  16. keep the vibrator in the vag and gimmie the butt
  17. I'd get the camera and an ice cube.
  18. I only masturbated once in my last 2 year relationship. It was while in bed with her and she was asleep and didnt want to have sex, so I whacked my schlong. She woke up and started laughing.

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