would you be mad if your gf/wife...

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  1. wanted to be with another woman, but didn't want you to have anything to do with it? i.e. no threesome?

    And if she did it behind your back, and you found out, what would your reaction be?
  2. gave the ex the green light for this after she asked...she never did it, all I asked was that she gave me a detailed account of it

    if she went behind my back i'd probably be pretty pissed
  3. Angry. Pissed.

    But not something I can't get over.
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    I would allow him to...as long as I'm also allowed to go do someone else. Which would probably solve the situation because those kind of people never want the same thing done to them. Behind my back... um, I wouldn't say I'd be enraged and make a scene but I'd sure remove myself gently from his life.
  5. I'd tell her to grow up and have a little dignity.
  6. Cheating is cheating, :(

  7. Thiss

  8. Right. Why would you actually give your SO permission to fool around with another person? That's stupidity...Unless you like being two-timed, then do what you do :D
  9. i. no i wouldnt be mad
    ii. doesnt apply
  10. I don't really like sharing.. unless I'm involved.;]
    && yes I'd be pretty mad if one went behind my back
    when we've already discussed the issue.
  11. id give her the green light as long as i could watch;).
  12. I have a very difficult time sharing. So I'd be pretty pissed when I found out.
  13. cheating is cheating.
  14. Truthfully, I'd probably look at her, shrug my shoulders and say

    "Better a woman...than a man."

    Honestly, I could live with my wife bein an secret lesbian so as long as we still got the marriage and the kids.

    No harm...no foul.

    Long as i'm still hittin that i could care less
  15. so if you found out your girl was sleeping with another woman, you would be just as mad as if you found out she was sleeping with another man?

    what if she tried to be upfront about her needs and ask, but the guy said no? should she deny that aspect of her sexuality just for him?
  16. Im jealous and fucking proud of it. If your in a relationship with me its with only me. Its a two way street. I expect the same loyalty out of you as I give you. I feel if I truely found a girl worth dating I wouldnt even look at other girls anymore, and im not bullshitting. Im that kinda guy idk.
  17. well first off shame on you!

    but about your question, I would be wayyyy more pissed if she was fucking another guy vs sleeping with a chick. Chick on chick action just isnt as bad as another man sticking his cock inside your girlfriend. Granted, either way its still cheating if you did it behind his back and he has every right to be extremely angry at you

    For the 2nd question, thats completely up to you to decide. Only you know how strong this bisexual pull is to you, and only you know if your bf/huband is worth you hiding that part of you

  18. Cheating is cheating, and it is worse if you asked and he said no, you should just break up with him and not be a cheater! No here is gonna help you justify being a cheater!
  19. Yeah, I'd be pissed. Cheating is cheating.

    If you want to be with a woman, then why are you in a relationship with a man?
  20. Truth be told, I really don't see the beef. If she's not askin for a divorce and we can still be married and do our thing i don't see the harm. No harm no foul. But if this is something where she thinks she has to go then i guess i'd be some what ticked--but that said, much rather a chic than dick.


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