would you be mad at your friend in this situation?

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  1. i've been friends with this girl for 2 years now. I thought we were good friends but she does some sketchy stuff sometimes that doesn't seem right.
    her friend that goes to our university is having people over for drinks this friday before we go to a university party and my friend originally invited me to come pre drink with them also. today she sends me a message saying her friend got mad and doesn't want me coming over for pre drinks. Her friend doesn't even go to our school and is coming to a school party and doesn't want me to come and pre drink with them?
    also what is more suspicious is that my friend is good friends with her wouldn't she convince her friend and be like "hey yummybud is my good friend just let him come over with us too".  no, she just tells me her friend was "mad" at her for inviting me and I can't come anymore and if I want to still come to the party I have to go on my own not with them.
    to me it seems like she just doesn't want me to come (blaming it on her friend). I think she doesn't want me to come with them to the party bc she is trying to hook up with a guy she likes and doesn't want me around  (which is fine cus I'm not into her). 
    What bugs me though is that it seems obvious that she just changed her mind and doesn't want me to come drink with them and to go to the party together so she made up this story. even if the story of her friend not wanting me to come is true, wouldn't you expect your good friend to be like hey let him come he is my friend ?
    so anyways I mssged her and told her i feel like she isn't a good friend and she doesn't seem to care that her friend uninvited me.
    fuk I don't know if I should even continue being friends with her. she does do nice things like help me with school work sometimes but other times she does sketchy stuff like this, and this isn't the first time. she once invited me out then didn't tell me the location or where to meet her and her friends and didn't answer her txts until it was too late for me to come out.
    I'm starting to question whether you can even be real friends with a female. if you are not their boyfriend eventually they seem to not really give a fuck about you. 

  2. would you and should I completely cut her off after this? I only have one other close friend at university but i'm graduating this year anyways so it's not that big of a deal. i'm just mad right now and feel like I should completely cut her off after this.
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    Aren't you that creepy blade? I'm sure someone else will call you out.
  4. what? how am I creepy.
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    Someone else called you out last time so...
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    well I have no idea how i'm being "creepy" and calling me out on it isn't answering my question. so you don't even know how i'm being "creepy" but you decide to post and mention it bc someone called me out on it? wtf
  7. I've seen many of your threads before and I think its best if you just forgot about the females for a while and focused on yourself srs

    Every thread you talk about a girl all I hear is a bad case of oneitis. Girls can smell that desperation a mile away. Should've said "no problem, I can pre drink with my boys" and left it at that.
  8. yeah stop trying to hang out with this hoe and make other plans, and when she invites you be like "bitch I got way cooler shit to do than that ya trick ass hoe" but don't say that just exude that vibe in a confident way while you calmly explain what you're doing.
    yo avatar it changed back
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    my advice is to stop making threads about these girls that are your "friends"
    Yeah I have a good memory and I distinctly remember established blades calling you out on this. If you don't agree then disregard my post and move on.
    yeah I admit I have had other thread about girls I liked. But honestly i'm not trying to bang this chick i don't even find her attractive. we've been friends for over 2 years now and I just thought we are good friends but she does things like this.
    i'm just offended she obviously doesn't give a fuck about me. I feel like you can't be real friends with a girl. if you aren't boning her they seem to not give a fuck about you and when they have better plans or there is a guy they want to bang they don't want you around.
    i'm also pissed she is trying to blame this on her friend "my friend said not to invite you to her place she doesn't want me to invite people over"
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    why are you putting friends in quotes you think i'm lying. I don't have multiple girls as friends, she is pretty much my only female friend. and i go to university in another town and when i'm here my only friends are her and this guy and i mostly hang out with her. 
    yes I have made threads before about girls I liked but this is not the case here, I see her like a guy friend. 
    well you are just assuming this based on my past threads. this is not a "oneitis" situation as I don't want to bang this girl or date her, and we've been friends for a long time but I think she is not a true friend.
  14. You'll be iight. We all gonna make it
  15. And yes it is a oneitis because of the way you acted. The same way a guy with oneitis would act. Like a little girl basically. Girls want alpha guys, even if its just for a friendship. The guy hitting her up saying he feels left out, she's not a true friend blah blah is the one she's going to roll her eyes at and not pay attention too in the end. While the guy that could give a shit if she chills with him or not and exudes that vibe to her is the one she's going to go out of her way to chill with.

    Take my advice or don't I'm just tryna help you out brah
  16. haha thanks. but would you be pissed I mssged her and told her i'm pissed at her and she is not being a good friend and if her friend did say not to invite me she should have told her that i'm her friend and she needs to let me come too.
    ok I didn't think about it like that. too late I sent her a long mssg lol saying i'm pissed at her. you're right now that I think about it. I just thought that applies only when you are trying to get in a girls pants. 
    this girl that i'm friends with she sleeps with guy and goes for guys that are total dicks to her and don't give a crap about her. she sleeps with them then they ignore her and don't even acknowledge her and she still wants to hook ups ith them again.
    again i'm not trying to bang or date this girl, but I guess the same applies to begin friends which basically means you can't be real friends with a girl?
    cus if  guy friend did this shit to me i'd call him out on it and the thing is my guy friends aren't so shady and don't pull this shit.  where I go to school I only have 1 guy friend though which kind of sucks.
  18. No I wouldn't be pissed and I wouldn't have messaged her.
    agh too late lol. guess i won't do that next time lol
    yeah she will probably read my mssg and not give a fuck and laugh that she got me pissed. oh well. 
    now would you cut a girl like this that you were friends with off? 

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