Would you be concerned? Day 51 flower

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  1. This is my first indoor grow. Read alot of info in here and trying to follow all you masters at this stuff but I need a bit of guidance.

    On day 46 of flower I did my first flush. 10 gal pots so I ran at least 15-20gal of water threw each plant and checked runoff at the start (1800-2000ppm) by the end I was at 900-1000ppm. Used florakleen 5ml per gallon for the first 4 gal of flush each plant.then straight water after that.

    Today is day 51 of flower and I'm going to flush again tomorrow.

    My question is would you be worried about the purple leaves starting to show or the bit of yellow, burnt spots in middle of the leaves?

    I'm thinking its phosphorus deficiency from what I read but not sure.

    Cookie kush strain (says 56-64 flower time) tricomes are 50%cloudy, mostly orange hairs now instead of white. Growing in Promix soil, ph 6.5 everytime

    What would you do at this stage? Flush once more with water?

    I made sure to ph my water to 6.5-6.8 as well for the flush.

    2x4 tent, QB320w xl spec HLG[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. With your trichs only at 50% cloudy you will need around 2 weeks of flushing to get to 100% milky. Dont use 4 gallons per plant anymore. Flushing from here just means normal watering practice and schedule with just plain ph water so the plant uses up all the nutes. If you flush with 4 to 10 gallons every time you water you will end up drowning your roots. Yes leaves spotting and changing colors will happen till you chop it down. The plant is at its end of life cycle and your are helping it use up all its nutes.
  3. I'm using fabric pots and they drain pretty well, 10gal pots so around 15-20gal of water each. Only the first 4gal got florakleen, the rest pure phd water

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  4. The first thing that gets flushed is magnesium, and also Nitrogen. Hence the yellow leaves. After mag comes calcium. The person who told you to flush soil was the wrong person. You are mostly just destroying it.
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  5. You cant flush soil? Thats def not true

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