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Would you be clean from weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bullwinkle122016, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. Would you be clean from weed if you haven’t smoked in over a year and then took one hit of a bowl like the nug I put in there was maybe .1 and I have too drug test for probation wensaday and I did this Thursday morning around 9:30

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  2. Hard to say if the levels would be high enough too be detected. Depends on what test they do for it, some have a high cutoff for thc and others have a low trace detection.
  3. If your that worried just hop on down to a local pharmacy and pick up a home test for weed, there pretty accurate these days and if ya pass that I'm sure your golden for po.
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  4. Probably. You dont have to be 100% clean just have to be below the threshold of the test. However nobody can tell you for sure. Buy a drug test at a local pharmacy or head shop. They're cheap and will give you some reassurance one way or the other
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  5. Why would you even risk failing a drug test for probation for a 0.1 hit lol, just wait till you're off probation.. If I was in your situation I wouldn't risk fucking up & being sent to jail/restarting probation :confused_2:
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  6. I would recommend getting exercise and staying hydrated between now and then.
    you can test yourself with a pharmacy drug test the day before so you can have an idea of how you're walking into your probation meeting.

    during my last t-break a few years back, I was cleaned out of an entire top shelf pre-roll in 5 days just by following my usual summer outdoor routine.

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