Would You Be A Sperm Donor? (for some righteous bucks)

Discussion in 'General' started by Entourage420, May 20, 2010.

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    kind of spinning off of the blood thread, sperm donation has been a topic of discussion amongst my friends. Some are freaked out by knowing that there are kids of your running around the world, but personally, that is not a big issue...i'll be able to sleep fine, you know? Good way to pay for the fun things in life.

    I dont know a whole lot about donating and the process, but any tips or people who have done it?

    discuss. thanks!
  2. I don't appreciate the enthusiasm over this topic. I was birthed a bastard.
  3. I donate them several times a week to the trashcan for free, getting paid for it would be an added bonus.
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    hah same. i'd say the bonus of getting paid brings a little enthusiasm to the topic
  5. You know you only get paid if someone picks you right? If it worked your way, sperm banks would go out of business.
  6. not necessarily

    i found a bank near me that says on their site:

    Chicago Area - Midwest Sperm Bank

    That is harder to get into than Harvard! sheeeeit
  7. I would do it for free if i knew the people who were trying to have a baby. Not like someone who i am friends with, but if i got to know the couple and if they were good people.
  8. would you meet the kid later on? i would do it anonymously just so i can tie off the loose ends of knowing its your kid
  9. This. I dont want some ugly bitch copin my sperm cause she cant get laid. :mad:


  10. It's not going to be an ugly bitch if it's a really fancy clinic. All those people are rich and can afford big boobs. The hard part is getting into it since you have to be like the perfect specimen.

  11. Yeah i totally would, as long as he/she is in good hands i wouldnt feel weird at all. Now the more i think about it, i would recommend adopting before putting my sperm in the dude's lady :eek:

    but if she wanted to have a child of her own blood and go thru pregnancy i totally would.
  12. I would work a 40 hour week as a sperm donor if it weren't for all the unreasonable requirements that have to be met.

    -No drug use
    -Must be in good physical condition
    -Cannot be HIV positive

    It really is bullshit. Where do they come off being so picky?
  13. :cool:

    But for real, I probably would. Minus the no substance abuse stuff cause thats definately happening.
  14. I mean they want like super genius/super rich people or people who are the hottest dudes on the planet. Imagine how much Brad Pitt's sperm would go for. Do you think you could compare with him or Bill Gates?

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