would you bang this model?

Discussion in 'General' started by HxCurt, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    If so, you're sick, she's 10.
  2. Well maybe she should of thought about that before putting on those clothes lol.
  3. LOL right?

    I'd tap that like a keg
  4. in b4 chris hanson and the bear
  5. what happens in my basement, stays in my basement :cool:
  6. Pfft who needs a childhood anymore.......

  7. I am hoping sarcasm here.
  8. This girl hasn't even matured yet, D:
  9. I'd rather tap the bunnies... that bird is gruesome

  10. It's not like she's still a fetus. I'd hit it like Ryan Dunn's Porsche.
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  11. aww, she's got the little playboy bunnies next to her.:D
  12. can they give 10 year olds implants

  13. Most controversial post ever on GC?
  14. She looks like Adam lambert....:smoking:
  15. this thread is fucked up
  16. I feel bad for her.
    She'll probably never experience what being a kid truly feels like.

  17. Yeah sure, but maybe the massive sexual exploitation her parents are subjecting her to will make up for it in the form of $$$$$.
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    Possibly one of the most I've seen

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