would you allow you childeren to enjoy weed or alcohol?

Discussion in 'General' started by TheStoner420, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. Parents and soon to be parents, do you allow your kids to drink or smoke? If so, how do you make sure they stay on the right track in life? And if not, why? :)
    Im not a parent yet and not expecting to be at the moment, but when i do have children, I'll allow for them to drink and smoke. But they MUST maintain good grades, keep a clean record, and just plain stay out of trouble. I know how having the herb to support me through tough times in the growing stages of my life. I wasnt crazy about alcohol but it was always nice to relax with a cold beer when i knew all my responsibilities were taken care of.
    EDIT: What age would you allow your children to smoke/drink?
  2. I wont let them drink until their of age and its their choice (even though they will probably do it anyways), but i don't think ill ever get them in "trouble" for smoking weed. But, i will probably want them to be AT LEAST 14 years old before experimenting with weed. Just my opinion though.
  3. My mom used to buy me alcohol when I was around 15 lol. First time I tried weed it was from a roach she gave me haha.

    So...yea, I think I would do the same for my kids. As long as they aren't getting in trouble at school or with the law then I'm fine with that. And good grades like you said haha. I always made good grades never in trouble. Well, never caught at least haha.
  4. i grew up with really strict parents who demonized me for smoking and drinking. i did so well in school and staying out of trouble, they really had nothing they could say (especially because my father smokes). I dont my kids to have to live the stressful and paranoid lifestyle i did growing up. Even if i didnt allow for them to smoke/drink, they would do it anyways so i figured why not just regulate it.
  5. very respectable opinion:smoke:
  6. Weed - Absolutely I would smoke with them. Not until they were 18 though.

    Alcohol - Once they are 18 the occasional beer won't hurt. My father gave me swigs when I was 18 and then when I was 19 he let me have full beers now and again. Now that I am of age I still remember those good times when We'd sit down and talk with a beer in hand. Made me feel like an adult. :D
  7. With alcohol if they were curious I might give them a beer or a single shot but nothing more. Weed It would be more you can smoke occasionally on weekends at home but just you not you and your friends and only after they were at least 16 or so. I wouldn't allow them to smoke often while they were still in school and under 18.
  8. They can smoke or drink but I'll be damned if they think they can enjoy it.
  9. i would let them, because my parents sure made it hell for me trying to e sneaky with it, i would wait for them to experiment on their own first, and not offer it to them because then i feel they would think that "dadddy does it, i feel like i might have to for him to think better of me" alcohol, i would only let them after 18
  10. [quote name='"LeroyDankins"']They can smoke or drink but I'll be damned if they think they can enjoy it.[/quote]

    lol this
  11. I have no children and never will, so it's not an issue for me.
  12. Yeah i'd definitely wait for them to find the herb themselves. I feel as though its your decision if you will be a smoker. No one else can decide for you.
  13. Not till they are 18. You can smoke and I will buy you booze. But NOTHING goes until then.
  14. i'd let 'em drink and smoke when there of age but it would bother me that they could be out all night drinkin' and could get into a fight or somethin so i'd rather if they were smokin' doobies man
  15. I never want kids but I'd imagine I would let them do it at home in hopes that they wouldn't be forced to do so out in public where they can get in trouble.
  16. Yeaaa fuck it and if they start actin' up I'll give them an Anderson Silva front kick to tha face
  17. I know they will probably do what they want either way just like I did so I don't think it matters. Once they're 18 I would let them have a beer with me or whatever and honestly I'd probably smoke with them once they're 18 too.
  18. The thing with alcohol is, so many people are deprived of having any until their late teens. So they get their hands on booze first time, and get way too fucked up.

    I'd probably do how my parents did with me, let them have small glasses of wine at family events at about 13, and slowly ween them onto alcohol as they age so it's not seen as this 'big thing'. Hell, I hardly drink now as it is! :D

    When it comes to weed, hell yeah i'd let my kids smoke. But I'd prefer them to be at least 15, and they have to be responsible/mature about it. Any fuck ups and that privillage could be temporarily revoked. But as long as they're outta trouble/doin well in school.... :smoke: :smoke: :hippie:
  19. Yeah punishing them for smoking weed is as pointless as playing the lottery in my opinion
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