Would you actually play a game of Pizza Roulette??

Discussion in 'General' started by jacktown, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. New Zealand pizza chain Hell Pizza is living up to its name by introducing Pizza Roulette this week. What is Pizza Roulette? It seems the pizzeria will put two drops of the super-ultra spicy ghost pepper sauce onto only one slice of your pizza, but they won't tell you which.

  2. I'd do it.

    I ate a dried ghost pepper once, made me sweat profusely, made me light headed, made me turn a shade of red and gave me the worst shit I've ever had.

    I love spicy food, so two drops I could handle...just not a full pepper
  3. Yes and I would want to lose
  4. fuck yeah i'd play :yummy:
  5. Sign me up.
  6. id play, only id ask them to put it on all of the pieces and id call it a good pizza

  7. everyone wins! :hello::hello::hello:

  8. Gotta ask: did it burn like hell on the way out? That's my greatest fear!

  9. yea man, if you are gonna go spicy, go fuckin spicy

    i may have to get some inferno wings from fatty j's tonight now hahahahah
  10. mmmmmm i fucking love pizza
  11. Haha, my school bred those chilis...

    The new one is the scorpion chili, which rates at over 2.5 million scoville units, lol.

    I cant wait to try one of those :D
  12. Now that I think of it über spicy pizza might not be that good

  13. I want some pure capsaicin man

    15 mil scoville units, and a bad case of probably almost dying
  14. [quote name='"jacktown"']

    Gotta ask: did it burn like hell on the way out? That's my greatest fear![/quote]

    It hurts, a little spice around the hole, but all in all it isn't bad. It just hurts my stomach really bad.

  15. Why do you hate your anus?! ;)

  16. Haha, I love it when food becomes a weapon of mass destruction...:hello:

  17. exactly dude :yummy: love me some spice.

    i love big city burrito because they have like 50+ hot sauces, and they have some pretty intense ones hidden away :yummy:

    it's not as nice coming out as it is going in, though :laughing:

  18. Dude.... its the worst if your stomach decides its coming back up, id rather shit magma, than puke it any day
  19. Words cannot describe the pain. I did some 500k scoville wings once.....mmmm, its fun until you start losing control of bodily functions and begin to look retarded. Then I drove from south carolina back to washington dc.
  20. Cultures that revolve around spicy foods actually have handheld shower heads next to the toilets so you can rinse that ring of fire away. Its so badass not having to worry about the chilli shits.

    But shit yeah i'll play this game. Love me them chillis. :tasty:

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