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Would Ya?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thccrystals, Apr 17, 2003.


Would you give up Alcohol for Weed? read on

  1. legalize marijuana, criminalize alcohol

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  2. keep marijuana illegal, alcohol stays legal

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  3. forget to vote

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  1. If the govenment, hypothetically, offered the country the legalization of marijuana at the cost of prohibiting alcohol(like the 20's) would you...
  2. aw screw this country! they would do something as half assed
  3. I would gladly give up alcohol at the cost of leaglizing marijuana.. Because alcohol is so easy to make.. :) they'd never know.. But the hunt of the sack is part of the fun.. its just part of the game, ya know?
  4. oh shit, i would definatly make bud legal dawg...but shit i accidently cliked the second one fuckit im so stoned
  5. ::waves::

    Bye bye Alkyhol!
  6. aah, the game
    prohibitation just made it a little more fun wouldnt say. speak easy.
    imo theyd offer both then tax tax tax the shit outaem.
    ooor they could just sell the ?00tons they got at the mexican boarder the other that'll put a little damper on things. i do believe it was 4000lbs of pot. :rolleyes:
    back to the game.....
  7. FOR SURE!!! :D

    weed IMO is soo much better (for you) than alcohol...
  8. I'm a little prejudiced about it. My father died from Cirrhosis of the liver when I was 16, and my brother got killed by a drunk driver 2 years ago in Georgia. So I would have to vote for MJ.
  9. i too would pick mj,
    but prohibitionn just wouldnt work, proven not to work
    and.... just doesnt :D

  10. I would legalize weed over alcohol, because I don't even drink!
  11. I had a friend whose father was a detective and i believe he was working at JFK airport. He was part of a large marijuana bust that went bad and he got ran over by the smugglers car. This was a very serious accident that left him with sparatic siezures and he isn't capable of driving. My friend no longer smokes because of that event but i'm not so sure it's right. It obviously isn't a terrible or wrong thing to stop smoking, esp given the situation. But is weed really to blame here. ps I thought this may show you the other side of possibilities.

  12. The single fact that weed is illegal is 100% responsible for this.

    The govt's war on drugs creates terror, the DEA are the terrorists, how many kids has the effects of weed killed? not many? how may kids got shot by DEA fucks as they busted into peaceful people's homes for growing bud? Quite a few.

    I wouldn't make weed legal at the expense of alcohol prohibition, because that will only create the problem of drunk, beligerent, assholes denied their shizzle will cause a shitload of problems. Besides that i don't believe in prohibition of any substance, if you wanna toxify your body go ahead, it's your choice. If the gov't legalized weed tho, and started giving out free weed, like an oz of bud a month to every adult, and used all the seed and fiber for fuel and materials production, we'd be the most peaceful country on earth.

    I think when king george is finally outta office, we should all get together and donate like $1 to send the president to amsterdsam on an all expense paid trip to the coffeshops for a week, then ask him if he thinks shit should be illegal.

  13. This game wouldn't be anything new. Marijuana was completely legal as was the growth of was an important crop. Alcohol Prohibition ended in 1933. The alcohol industry helped fund Reefer Madness in 1936, and then Marijuana went into prohibition shortly after that. Right before it was banned, new technologies were developed to make hemp an even more imprtant crop than it already was. It posed a threat to the timber industry along with others. There is too much evidence proving that most of those industries threatened by it conspired to prohibit it. I wouldn't doubt it if they still have their hands in it's illegality.

    Now, it wouldn't be worth trading one for the other, as they did then. It wouldn't happen anyway.

  14. Thanks for taking the words outta my mouth! I was gonna say the same thing. lol. The only thing I disagree with you on is:

    By then it's too late. We need to all pitch in, and send the Pres. candidates to A-dam. I think it'd be better to have someone on our side whos going INTO office, not coming out. lol

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