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would this work?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bobmarley12, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. I'm bored and I'm brainstorming ideas so I figured I would doodle a little bit before I built to see if u blades think it would work... I'm a shitty doodler sorry and it was taken with and uploaded by my phone but feel free to ask questions... I have a pipe but I wanna try to have a little fun with my Mary Jane... And buying a bong is out of the question because my nearest headshop is a ways away and I'm going into my freshman year of college but ill be in a frat and won't have my own room till second semester.... But anyways here's the pic I drew

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  2. hahahahahahahaha the drawing cracked me up.
    its possible, ive seen a video on youtube kinda like that except he had his bubbler attatched too and it worked... try it and post back.

    EDIT: dont use a tinfoil bowl tho, its bad for you, use a socket or something.
  3. if you seal off the spaces around the pen really well and use a smaller bottle for the "ice pinch" it might actually work. Maybe one of those little midget water bottles or something.
  4. Alright cool and what sized socket? Wouldn't I need a screen for that though? And I'll probably attempt it tomorrow morning since I don't have to work
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    no idea what size socket, just one big enough where it wont fall through.
    and you shouldnt need a screen if you dont rip up your buds super small.
  6. #6 bobmarley12, Aug 3, 2011
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    Alright sweet ill figure it out tomorrow hopefully it will work ill post a picture if i decide to make it... Either way if i make it or not the end product is gonna be the same hahaha :smoke:
  7. This is the finished product.. I don't think I did it right because my seals weren't tight... Put I still got some pretty good hits and I'm cooked but I just couldn't clear it I well tho.

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  8. lmao dude that is the funniest looking smoking device I have ever seen. Love the remote holding up one of the chambers. Man that takes me back to the summer before freshman year... good fuckin times.
  9. lmfao ahahaha, that made me laugh
  10. Looks like a two chambered pipe with ice in both chambers? If there was water in the bottom chamber it would get sucked up to the top, an if it was in the top, it would just bubble down to the bottom... I'm confused, the mechanics don't look right.
  11. You have cool hand writing, and I see you took my advice a bit lol.

    but are the ice cubes even necessary? I dont think the smoke will be hot enough for you to need it, especially with such a long distance to travel.
  12. Idk i was just trying shit out... And yeah the mechanics were definitely messed up but I well It still got me high :smoke:
  13. lol just seen your drawing!

    skills bruh.

    u mite have me beat.

    but goodluck witht the product tho.

    you and your HIGHdeas.

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