would this work?

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  1. ok well i collect reptiles as pets which means i have some extra UVB lighting equipment and timers. i know that plants can grow with these lights but are there any specific requirments marijuana plants have that would make these not work lol or will it be fine?
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    chlorophyll a and b have an absorption spectrum that peaks between 430nm and 460nm ish. UVB is way below that. it is claimed uvb plays a factor in trichome gland production but it's not what the plant uses to photosynthesize. you could experiment supplementing with the lamp, but it's not what you need to supply the 'correct' light for photosynthesis.

  3. Yes, the UVB Bulbs help big time, Great Question ...
  4. Cannabis: the genus Cannabis - Google Books

    "Pate (1983) has suggested that enhanced production of delta-9-THC in regions of higher light intensity may indicate a protective role for the compound against the harmful effects of UVB radation."

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