would this work?

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  1. take one of those 500W halogen work lights take it apart and rig it up to run an hid light would this eliminate need for a ballast? or not eve work at all lol?
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    I could see something like that posing a fire hazard, if working at all.
    If you look at kijiji or craigslist you will see people selling 400 watt and 1000 watt ballasts + light for anywhere between $50 and $100. You can buy replacement bulbs and good to go!
  3. nope wouldn't work sorry. If your an electronic savey person though you could easily rig up one of those built it yourself ballasts, they run like 30 bucks i believe for a 400w'er. Halogen lights ignite in a different fashion than HPS
  4. HID requires a ballast. If you disassemble a halogen light and try to retrofit it to handle HID, all you really are doing is using the halogen's reflector.
  5. yeah people done this alot with Saltwater but like the previous poster said all you are doing is using the halogens reflector and i dont tihnk they make a DE hps so it would only be MH. the light would still need a ballast it would just be a remote ballast.

    if you put a DE MH bulb in that and plug it in it will fry your $30 bulb so dont do it

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