would this work????

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by pothead4life420, May 11, 2003.

  1. could i smoke out of this??????

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  2. u pull the bag slowly and it sucks smoke into the bottle but i want to know if it will work before i waste n-e weed on it!!
  3. ...., ummm, do this, take a 2 let bottle. cut off the end of thos nubs things make a bowl peace, put it in the top. put the hole thing in water, and pull it out of the wate wilest lighting it and then push down in to water and suck at same time. it will be one of the bigest things ever(mostly for 2-3 ppl)

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  4. do a forum search for " gravity bongs" or "bucket bongs" and you should be a o.k from there......
  5. that bowl looks like foil so i would suggest finding a socket. works better and safer. then i would say why do you make that thing look so ugly you could of just left the tape off. your name says it all.
  6. looks like it would work. but you wouldn't catch me smoking out of it. i would smoke out of an apple before that if i had too... just get a good glass piece... but i remember the days when i had to make something too... but even though you made it... something more effecient would be better. besides you might get really ripped and then accidentally rip your bag, watching all that fragile smoke gently float away... lost in a cloud of haze.... much better when that cloud comes from your lungs and not a faulty peice.i think the best peice i ever made was from a tiny glass funnel and some tubing from a fish tank, amongst countless others. but definately try to get a glass piece.. your pot will taste better. and if you can smoke outside like i can... a magnifying glass makes it even tastier. plus... there's no effect from wind.
  7. I've seen those, we call em "lungs" over here. They work hella good depending on the size... My friends and I made one that holds 3 liters, and your longs can only hold approximately 2-2.5 it was a great night
  8. bongs..........yum..........
  9. yeah it's called a rocket here......it's a breadbag on the inside of the bottle and the other end has a shoelace attached to it, so as you stand on it, and then raise the bottle, as it rises the smoke is drawn down into the bottle, and when inhaleing the bag goes back inside the bottle and forces the smoke up quicker.........Peace out.......Sid
  11. cool, but u dont gota to yell
  12. Just break down and buy a good glass piece
  13. yeah and they hit real hard........good if you wanna get high with little weed...........Peace out...........Sid

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