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Would This Work?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by killab47, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Im currently deciding whether i should sneak out or bunn dat herb in my basement.. sneaking out obviously seems like the safe bet(i live with my parents btw) but theres gonna be 3-4 of us so it may make noise. Now the basement seems ALOT more comfortable and im wondering if i used this method would it smell?; sploof with head ALL the way out the window, stop the cherry( my piece has a cap on it with a VERY small hole so this isnt even a problem aha), febreze and a fan . would the smoke still smell inside and ik if it comes inside the basement is the worst spot since smoke rises blah blah blah and all dat shit but top floor my parents and grand parents would be sleeping and if anyone walked down the ground floor wouldnt be to safe. or i could go in the garage and use a sploof, would it still smell as much and somebody said if its cold itll smell less and its like -20 degrees celsius these days lol

  2. nah definitely wouldn't smell if you used that method, if you want to be extra sure you can burn a candle (careful, your parents might be suspicious) and if it's not really cold and snowy where you live and you can sneak out easy i'd probably do that. i snuck out in the snow once and my parents came outside cause they heard stuff in the snow >.>  you should be all right inside though
  3. ye jst wanna kno if indoors is safee this way
  4. get a pet goat to cover the smell of weed.
  5. If you do it exactly how you said then you'll be good.

    The world turnin' the weed burnin' them haters talkin' I keep earnin'
  6. step 1. smoke wherever the fuck you want
    step 2. finish smoking
    step3. by the time you are done the location has to be so the bud smell doesnt escape where you toke
    step 4. burn incense

    if no incense get air freshener

    if no freshener do your plan
  7. learn to ghost and you can smoke anywhere you want
  8. n i my bic ran out of fuel do u tink a grill lighter wud be alright? or shud i just grab a bic from one of my boys 
  9. yea back when I was fifteen I would blaze bud out of a hookah with a grill lighter hahaha. fire is fire bro.


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