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Would This Work?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by smokecrown, May 24, 2013.

  1. ok so i hve a little mini bubbler just for personal use when im on the go. that being said could i take my mflb and stick the stem in the bowl of the bubbler and just hit it would it work? also i have a small stem at the part where i inhale. it could probably fit on the bubblers downstem

  2. Yeah you can but id rather get straight vapors. I dont see the need for it to go through water.
  3. Smoother vapor
  4. I've done it, I use my iolite through my bong, it's more powerful than the launch box. Might not see much visible vapor with portables, but it gets me fucked up and smooth as hell

  5. Nice piece man.
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  6. Why would you wanna vape weed through a bubbler? That just don't make sense.
  7. Thanks, cheap china piece, but glass on glass, small, nice curved neck so nothing gets in my mouth, love it.
    Because it's smoother. Simply put. Why would you want to smoke weed through a bubbler?
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  8. but if it's's already smooth!!!
  9. Not really, vapor can be a little harsh on your throat, it dries it up and tickles it a bit. I cough harder when I vape than when I smoke.

    Vapor binging adds more water into the vapor cloud, which makes it smoother.


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