Would this work?!?

Discussion in 'General' started by feudalism, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. My life will never be the same if this works

  2. #inb4everyoneelse
  3. if thats wax, it may work better if you sprinkle it throughout in small chunks. Otherwise you may have a dripping drooling mass of wasted wax at the end of that joint.

    not sure tho.

  4. It's not wax, it's a bit of spiral pasta
  5. Only one way to find out, wouldn't you agree?
  6. That's what it appears to be to me as well. :smoke:

    I suggest trying it :smoking:
  7. oh :\.

    why not use this stuff?[​IMG]
  8. hahaahah my hypothesis is a yes

  9. Is it cooked or uncooked?

    If it's cooked, I think no.

    If it's uncooked, I think yes... why not.
  10. Its uncooked..

  11. Coz the weed will just get sucked right though the penne, that's why.
  12. So......did it work?
  13. Then surely it must work.

    Waiting for the OP to report the result.

    Surely he must've tried it by now.
  14. That thing is hardly green!

    Houston, we have a problem here.:cool:
  15. Seems legit.

    I'd cut out the tobacco personally, and add hash. Also, coat the inside of the paper with oil.
  16. that's cause you're a badass
    theres tobacco in that? :smoking:
  17. I don't see why not, but I wouldn't really want to be smoking uncooked pasta.. lol
  18. God damn, there's more tobacco in that thing than weed!

    Sorry, I can't support this thread.
  19. OP, by not reporting the result, you are seriously undermining your credibility.

    Come on, man. Tell us. What happened?

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