Would this work with resin..?

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    Hello all, i don't have any toking tools at the moment (broken pipe, friends out of town) so i was going to see if i could take a ball of resin, put it on the end of a needle, then hold it above a candle and inhale like a hot knife. would it work?
    Also, if you don't like using resin, don't want me to use it, or anything else, please refrain from commenting. thanks
  2. Uhmm, probably not no... it would just melt/drop off which would leave you with an awkward resin mark on top of your candle. If you can't wait, I would just do a regular hot knife with it. Use a stove or propane torch, whatever you have that's hot and heat some knives up. Better 'Hooter up too... dun wan be wastin' it.

  3. Yeah NA well maybe it would have to be in a place tht u could wreak the fuck.out of but its not.like hash
  4. I know you said don't comment, but jesus christ dude just wait......... Resin is fucking nasty don't be a fiend!
  5. Get an apple poke a hole through top and a hole in the side it works with bud so it should work with resin and the apple pipe is super chill :)
  6. [quote name='"sektr"']I know you said don't comment, but jesus christ dude just wait......... Resin is fucking nasty don't be a fiend![/quote]

    That one guy..
  7. Yo man, why don't u just rack up a j or something ?
  8. no use an apple or knives as said b4
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    Nice update[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  10. I know I'm late, but maybe someone will google this and find my answer.

    If you're absolutely desperate, you can use a can. Make an indentation on the side away from where you drink from, poke some holes in the indent and poke a carb. Voila

  11. Well waited until last night. i rolled the resin into a little tube, put it in the paper, and mixed with tobacco, and honestly it was quite enjoyable. i got pretty high. even had some modest visuals (this was 2 or 3 grams of very very dank resin). btw it was about 2 parts resin to 1 part tobacco
  12. Yeah man, that's how we do it in Europe, in from the uk. I normally smoke weed not resin. 1/3 of a cigarette and then the rest weed. 75% weed, 25% tobacco.
  13. ^^that's the best way. it gives it great flavor and it's a bit smoother for me
  14. Haha, I have done something like that, you just gotta make sure it doesn't stay in the flame to long or it will fall off. It also really stinks up the place :p
  15. Heat a single spoon red hot, dab your resin into the cupped side. Be sure to keep spoon level resin will bounce as it sizzles and hit like you are doing knife hit.
  16. I smoked a pretty big res ball the other night, we just had it stuck to a bent paperclip. We lit it until it starting smoking a bit; and just passed it around hitting it. It will burn for a while
  17. the very amount of carbon monixide your are slamming into your lungs is what is giving resin its buzz.
    as far as thc content - any tailpipe exhaust fume would serve the same purpose.

    May i congratulate with your outstanding work earning lifetime achievement Darwin Award?

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