Would this work (if getting arrested)?

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  1. My idea was as the cops read you your rights, just keep asking questions and pretend like you don't know what they mean about your rights... something along the lines of...

    "what? I don't understand?"
    "what don't you understand?"
    "any of it, what does this mean?"


    "do you understand your rights now?"
    "no... what does x mean?"
    "x means [...]"
    "I don't get it."

    Could this be effective at getting off? I've heard that it can nullify court proceedings if the person being arrested didn't understand their rights.
  2. I think the cop is going to know you're just being an asshole and might be tempted to fuck your life up even more. I wouldn't try that, best thing you can do is utilize your right to remain silent and not say a goddamn thing.
  3. I'm sure that would just hurt you in court. The cop would say something along the lines of "He was so stoned he couldnt even understand his rights".
  4. Dude just print out the freedom card you can get off norml. Just hand it to the pig and your good. Freedom Card - NORML :hello:

  5. This may work if you are of mental disease. Not at a traffic stop. You would have to be declared 5150


    ^^^This too, it would probably not help your case.
    Give ya an "A" for effort thu:)
  6. Print the card. Say orally that you want your attorney present. Present the card.

    Answer all questions other than basic identification (name, address, social security #) with the reply "I invoke my right to legal representation. I want my attorney present."

    Anything else is the wrong course of action. Don't try and get cute with cops. You'll just get railroaded.
  7. Why are you gonna hand a card with the "norml" logo on it?
    The cop would know something is up, because why else would you have that card ready?

    Just read over the card and understand your rights

    The cop would definitly know something is up and would more likely call up a k9 unit..
  8. Instant dismissal of all charges for lack of probable cause. Handing over a card with the NORML logo isn't probable cause for anything. And if he asks "Why do you have a card with the NORML logo? Hiding some pot?" you reply... "I invoke my right to an attorney."
  9. Not all cops play by the rules. If you start asking for a lawyer right away, they'll know somethings up.
  10. Yeah but he'll be more suspicious

    and they don't need a probable cause to call out a k9 unit.

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