would this work for one plant?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by steve, Feb 19, 2003.

  1. im forced to grow in my closet in a box roughly 2 feet across and 2 feet high. it has good ventilation and i can get light to it.

    please give some suggestions
  2. well steve here are a few tips if you want them, first make sure the temperature stays around 75-85 degrees(F) and the humidity stays about 80 percent. but also make sure you have atleast a 250-400 watt megahylide bulb or 4 flouresent lights every 15 square feet. make sure you Give it 24 hour light while on veGitation period then chanGe from 12 of liGht and 12 of darkness when it Gets to the flowerinG stage

    well if you need more advise then that Just let me know because i kind of am an expierenced Grower

    Good Luck
  3. LOL

    If you knew what you were talking about you would have told him that 2 feet isn't enough height to work with.
  4. you need at least 5 foot that's if you put the plants into flower when they are 12 inch's tall that way they grow upto about 3 foot and that leave's 2 foot for the light
  5. i would keep the humidity at approx 50% and if possible as low as 30% for flowering to stop mould/bud rot.....as for height....you will need more than 2 feet, also i'd go with an HPS set-up instead of the Metal Halide.......Peace out....Sid
  6. get a really wide, shallow container and try to get one about 4" tall. plant one plant right in the middle and when it get to six inches tall switch to 12/12 lighting. when it ges to about 9-10" tall start training the branches to spread out horazontally (spelling) and it should probably nt get more than 18" tall hopefully. try using a bunch (4-5) of those screw in florecent lights (about 800 - 1250 lumens each.
  7. i kinda did the same thing in my camper when i was 17. (2 yrs ago) and i had a smal closter that was in 2 levels . it was kinda like a staircase where on level was 2' wide and 4.5' tall and the second was 2' wide and about 2.4' tall. i was experimenting and i bent the main stem with a twist tie and used a long string for one week to pull up on the lower main branches it ened up being a lil over 2 feet and yieled about 2.5oz. dunno if that will help u but u know what they say...

    practice makes perfect~~
  8. aim for 2000-3000lumens per plant, anything less will lessen the olverall yield.........Peace out.....Sid
  9. how do you train it to grow horizontally?
  10. by tying down the branches so they are flat and they will continue to grow and you just have to keep tying them down when they start to grow up.:)

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