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Would this work for a pipe screen?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OriginUnknown, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. they are like 10 for a dollar at my headshop.. ....
  2. yes, I used to use those for bongs n such, I'd recommend not using it a lot but they're good for a one time use, make sure you hold the lighter to it for a few secs and see if any smoke comes off, if it does then DO NOT use it as a screen
  3. My nearest headshop is 20mins drive and I don't have a car atm.
  4. i was thinking the same thing lol Staring at my headphones going.... hmm.... the screen on my bowl just tore...
  5. I hear that ipod headphones contain chemicals that are harmful to your body. I honestly recommend a quick trip to the head shop to avoid further damage to yourself or your roto. If your using glass grab a glass screen that's what I got. Hope I helped.

    edit oops... like right thread..

  6. Thats a problem, most items will have chemicals bad for you. Sometimes you can find metal screens on pet tanks.
  7. If it's just for a pipe, go without.

    If I don't have a glass screen, I just arrange about three medium chunks of herb in the bottom of the bowl then put the rest on top; smokable weed screen. The way it collapses, you never have to worry about inhaling any debris even at the end of the bowl.

    Keep in mind most of those 'screens' you find laying about for technical and electronic purposes are not metal, but plastic, or metals cut with plastics at best.
    It's only barely deemed safe to allow them to touch your skin in most cases, so you never want to inhale the fumes they create (visible or otherwise) when heat is applied.
  8. What about sink screens(in the faucet)?
  9. ive used the head phone things and the sink faucet things, the sink ones work better and last longer, the head phone ones are good just dont apply a shit ton of fire or they will burn away
  10. go find a tiny pebble youre better off that way
  11. Dude, screens are 4 bucks per hundred on Amazon.
  12. man get it from your sink theres usually 2 per faucet atleast.

  13. Faucet screens will work, just be sure to put a flame to them until they are red hot all over before using in a pipe/bong. Most I have seen are made of stainless steel but I guess other metals could be used.:D
  14. i made a home made bong, and i used a metal tube for the stem, and for the screen i just bent a little spring so that both ends were touching, and i put it into the metal stem, it works great

  15. i've done that in a pinch with the springs in led pencils.
  16. just use aluminum foil for the moment. poke holes with a sewing needle or something. the headphone thing sounds convient, but questionable.

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