Would this work for a grow light

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by iambuzn, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. No the spectrum of quartz halogen lamps is terrible for plant growth. That's a waste of electricity.
  2. You could use that fixture, if you buy grow spectrum bulbs, but that would be just okay for keeping some clones/mothers under.

    There is no cheap way around lighting. I mean there's less expensive ways than others, but you're gonna have to fork out some dough at some point. If you buy cheap lights now, you'll be upgrading to real light later, it's inevitable.

    Perhaps the easiest to get into, from your local hardware store, will be standard CFL lights. 6500k spectrum for veg, and 2700k spectrum for flower. These will do the trick, and save you some dough.
  3. Why not read some of the stickies on lighting that are here on GC, then you will know yourself what kind of light you can use...
  4. I will :) thanks everyone for helping me so far. I really appreciate it

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