would this setup work?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cuntie, May 7, 2006.

  1. yea so my plans to grow in a garage attic fell through due to my friend getting caught...long story...anyways:

    could i grow under my bed, the dimensions are about 1.5 feet tall, 2 feet wide, and 5 feet long

    i would probably put a 100 watt hps in there or a 4 foot fluoro tube fixture ( 80 watts )

    could i SCROG my plants and start flowering when theyre like 6 inches tall?

    i know this sounds really bad but its like my last resort...outside isnt even an option

    also, are there any cheap and easy ways to keep away scent during flowering? i saw a post on some sort of lava rocks from home depot?

    advice would be appreciated thanks
  2. HIGH All, under a bed...no.
  3. why not :/
  4. HIGH All, your bed is one and a half feet HIGH...what's growing to grow in that limited space..not a marijuana plant. Grow outside if your rents won't let you grow.
  5. my bed isnt 1.5 feet high...the space under it is

    but yea growing outside is no different than growing inside my parent's bedroom lol

    either way theyll figure it out...theyre uber smart

    btw i found a new spot...in the crawl space under my house. its closed in, no pests, about 3 feet high. it should work i hope
  6. amazing. im high. we are growing under ur bed. most def. eres the deal.....

    it will work, not well but it will work. get kitty litter container, they are about a foot hight but contain ten or twenty gallon capacity. place flouros where u have the five feet to play with. allow the plant to grow out ouf the litter box and train her down to the floor, so she is sitting below the kitty litter box. she can take it. let her stem get strong by a nice fan and a snap every couple days whens shes a baby. she will grow. just train her.

    jesus mary and joseph

  7. Just remember this lance, "Jesus saves but, Moses invests".
  8. I would not put a HPS in the 18" under your bed, unless you want to wake up on fire (and I assume you don't).
  9. Sound to me he is confused about what grass is.....
  10. yea idk who thats aimed at but this thread is done dont post on it plz
  11. yep...
  12. He could do the ultimate under the bed SCROG....

    affix the fluoros to the bottom of your bed - attached to the boxspring, and set up a screen about three inches off the floor....

    your plant will have to be trained from the get-go to grow sideways, threaded through the screen, growing parallel to the floor and the lights... it could work - your plant could grow the length of the bed...

    and I'm sure the "uber-smart" parents will never discover the whole enterprise.. just dont tuck in your sheets...

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