Would this motherboard be reliable?

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  1. It's got everything I need, but on every motherboard, there are bad reviews. http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131877&AID=10657534&PID=3938566&SID=&nm_mc=AFC-C8JunctionCA&cm_mmc=AFC-C8JunctionCA-_-na-_-na-_-na
    I know 375 reviews are good, and only a few are bad, but I'm just scared that all the good reviews are from people that just got it, and the bad reviews are from people who've had it for a while, since every bad review is from a problem that happened a few months after they got it.
    So good chance this will last me a while?
    And while I'm here, would this be a suitable mate?

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    ew AMD *vomits* every AMD rig i have built/worked on has never lasted and most havnt worked properly from day one.
    that CPU is 2 years old and shit. i would be looking at an intel i5 4690k (or i think the 4670k may be better at overclocking but a year older) 
    the ASRock Z97 EXTREME4 would be good or else there is a bunch of other Z97 boards in that price range. http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/parts/motherboard/#s=24&c=99&T=32768,524288&sort=a7&f=2
    also have you got a CPU cooler? i wacked a good/cheap one in this list for you (you can see pricing from different sellers etc) as well as the CPU/mobo http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/xFZ2bv
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    I got a fan and heatsink from an old computer, it was used for the processor. Not sure if it would be cool enough or fit on the new cpu.
    I see that cpu is 3.5 ghz. Would that be much faster than a 3 ghz intel i5-2320? I also need my cpu to not bottleneck 2 nvidia 980's sli.
    I also see that the motherboard you posted has even less good reviews. On every motherboard I see, the reviewers say that the board dies after some time. How do I make sure this doesn't happens to me?
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    not really. for the sake of $30 its a worthwhile investment to keep your system cooler/quieter/more stable. they do come with one but if you plan on overclocking etc i would highly suggest it. http://www.maximumpc.com/cooler_master_hyper_212_evo_review

    yes it will be. the 4690/70k is where its at for midrange performance and overclockability. depending on other stuff and how much you wanna push it you should be able to get 4.4/4.6ghz http://www.overclock.net/t/1490324/the-intel-devils-canyon-owners-club
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    Oh so I don't even need the fan if I'm not over clocking?
    I've had a different problem on my current pc.
    I got an nvidia 770 a while ago, then I overclocked it as much as I could one day, it didn't make much of a difference, so I turned it back down and uninstalled all the overclocking software. But since then, my cpu fan speed would randomly jump and I'd get a message from ai suite "cpu fan 2000rpm" 
    In ai suite, under probe 2, I can set a thresh hold for the fan speed. The default thresh hold was infinite, I set it to 2000 and the fan slowed down to that. (it was higher than 2000) Guess ai suite doesn't know their definitions?
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    nvidia's GPUs rely alot less on CPUs then AMDs offerings. the 4690k are faster then the AMD you posted (which if you had AMD cards running probably would limit them), and probably the best you are going to get without going to an i7 4790k ($360)

    it seems to be a small amount of people and afaik its been a pretty good seller. as i said there are loads of other options (including asus/gigabyte). could have a look at MSI http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/part/msi-motherboard-z97gaming5 or there is the gaming 7 with more usb3 and sata ports.
    no but as i said i would highly recommend it. the stock coolers are crap. plus you are going to want to overclock. its easy, (relatively) foolproof and quick.

    who knows. i would just reformat and update to the latest drivers/bios and start again.
  7. Thanks I got everything on that list you made.
  8. Hey don`t give random advice okayÉ I wasted 30 bucks because the fan doesn`t fit on my mb. Don`t say random stuff is good, the manual of my mb labels the ram slots differently than what they are. My gpu won`t even lock in because other connectors get in the way. This forum is not a fucking game. I don`t have infinite money to spend so you can pretend to be a tech guy. And convieniently I can`t work for 6 weeks because of a surgery I got, so that means no money. My parents can barely pay their own bills, I have to help them often, and now I`m 200$ down because some idiot wants to pretend to be smart. On top of that, my sister has ceberal palsy so allot of money has to go to her surgeries. Asshole.
  9. i didn't realize the post i am helping you with starts here. sorry it worked out like it did for you. go check the other post and when you answer there, i will come back here and see what is going on. i have all kinds of PC crap. so lets get the PC booting and then i can send what ever small shit is needed ok? hang in there, we will get her running :metal:
  10. Lol I take back what I said, too many drugs from the surgery I mentioned. I'll have a use for that fan.
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    no no it's fine I just used the stock cooler. There's just round bits that get in the way of the back plate. It's running good, except that ai suite tells me Warning +12v 20.448 V
    Ai suite gave me a warning that my cpu fan was running above 2000rpm before, and I just left it. But if the volts are more than they should be, could it damage my pc?
    My pc now makes a squeeling sound, I assume it's the hard drive. I only noticed it when I ran the windows experience assesment. Also, my cpu usage goes to 30% until I go into task manager. (I click task manager, it's at 30% then goes down to 0 quickly.)
  12. so this is an old windows instalation right? you just grabbed the old hard drive and plugged it in to the new PC you made right?
    if so, all of the crazy windows issues you are having are because the drivers and what not dont match the new hardware. you need to reinstall windows to get it working 100%. if you cant get it working, post back and il help out.
    as far as all of the bios problems being reported {2000 rpm fan warning, voltages being improperly reported} you need to flash the bios....probably. wait on that though and lets get windows working correctly ok?
    as far as squeeling noises go, it could be bad power / voltage running through your computers motherboard. all of the little electronic pieces vibrate very quickly {a CPU a 3.0 gigahertz is running around 3 billion cycles per second. 3 billion vibrations per second). again, lets wait on that and get windows workjing correctly.

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