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Would this method of brownies work?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Raqent, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Hi, I'm wondering if the following method of brownies will work. I make firecrackers but I wanna try to make brownies since they're far more appealing. So with firecrackers I just first decarb the weed for 10 minutes at 250 F, then mix it with nutella and the crackers then cook for 15 min at 300 F. What if I were to make a nutella brownie with weed in it instead? The nutella brownie (for one) goes with 2-4 tablespoons of nutella, 1 egg and 1 tea spoon of flower. The brownie turns out pretty good by itself usually. So what if I again, decarb the weed for 10 min at 250 F but THEN mix it with the egg, flower and nutella and cook for 15 minutes at 300 F? It's with nutella regardless so it should work right? Anyone tried that before? What are your thoughts? Thanks
  2. It's much easier than that. Just decarb the weed, grind to powder, and mix it into the oil of any recipe. Try to keep time/temp to a minimum possible. I do this with betty crocker cookie mixes frequently, and they are excellent.

    Dosage calculation is easy. Each 1 g herb will yield about 150 mg thc.
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  3. Oh wow I see, thanks lol. One thing: With firecrackers after the decarb I cook at 300 F for 15 minutes, what if the recipe is sayy 350 F for 20-25 minutes? Will that damage the THC since it's gonna cook at a higher temp for longer? Or will I be okay for the most part?
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  4. I worried a lot about degrading thc in brownies/cookies until actually trying to make them. They are only slightly less potent than uncooked edibles, but still highly acceptable.

    A good decarb is 240 F for 40 min using an oven thermometer.

    Slightly stronger, because it avoids any additional heat, is to just mix ground decarbed herb into anything oily, including nut butters and nutella, and eat.
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    Raqent, when baking in the oven the internal temperature in baked goods does not reach the temp you set on the oven, say 325. You know how you cook meat and check the thermometer to see if it's done? For meat that's usually in the 160-180 range. So your brownies don't reach the 325 temperature internally. But if you decarbed your cannabis I see no reason to cook firecrackers afterwards. Caveat- I've never made them and am not in the know. In any case enjoy, mate.
  6. Why not just decarb and run rso
  7. Ahh I see. Thanks for the reply. I googled it and it said that a good decarb is 30 min at 250 F then mixed with the fatty substance... This whole time I've been decarbing for 10 at 250 F then in the Nutella at 300 F for 15 min... maybe the 300 for 15 does the job or maybe this whole time I've been doing it wrong lol. As for the brownies, it simply takes Nutella, eggs, flour and some coconut oil. And another thing, I need to cook it for 15-20 min at 350 F. So for final confirmation, you guys think a decarb for 10 minutes at 250 F then mixed with the Nutella then cooked @ 350 F for 15-20 min is good OR should I decarb for 30 minutes @ 250 F then do the rest?
  8. It's hard to tell.
    Try some of each, and compare.
  9. Alright, gonna make em this Monday here go
  10. I decarb my trim at 210 for 50 mins
  11. We'll Guys brownies worked :) The 250 F 10 min ones it's good I'm fucked rn Oof. I need to write about this tomorrow

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