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Would this make a good stash box?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by EastCoastSwag, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Looks good to me!
  2. buy a bolt cutter while you're at it. guaranteed you lose the tiny ass key after your second smoke session ;)

  3. When I was looking at it I was actually thinking the same thing like
    "what if I get so baked and lose the key :laughing:"
  4. over kill man u must have a pretty big stash then
  5. Well in November I will be medical and able to have 4oz and 24 plants so my stash will be pretty big, also I just want a box where i can put a jar in and a bong and etc.
  6. Get rid of that bong and grab ur self a pack or king sized papers
  7. What I plan to have in it is
    - bong
    -joint papers (king size)
    -blunt papers (king size)
    -rolling machine (king size)
    -mason jar
    -couple lighters
    -small knife
    -eye drops
    -couple bottles of Gatorade
    -pack of cigarettes

    Note that I will Hand Roll When I learn but I also just want the rolling machine for when I'm so baked that hand rolling wouldn't be a option.
  8. [quote name='"Joints only420"']Get rid of that bong and grab ur self a pack or king sized papers[/quote]

    Amen :D
  9. Then that is perfect for what your gonna have in it.

  10. awesome! By the way is a hookah good for smoking marijuana?

  11. Unless it is a small bowl on top. Normally my answer is no, but it can be. I normally layer it and have some hash in it too.
  12. It really is a waste tbh but you can do it, just mad weird taste, if you mix it with the hookah tobacco

  13. Personally I don't like rolling machines, the one I had rolled them too tight and I could barely hit it, after that is when I started Rollin good. I gave it away to my friend
  14. Also anyone please feel free to give suggestions on what I should add to my stash box. I will most likely had a scale of some sort.
  15. Extra baggies! And filter screens and maybe seeds if u wanna start growin?
  16. I know the upcoming law in MA will let me have 4oz and 24 plants but it will all depend on how far i am from a medical pot place. So I'm unsure if I will be allowed to grow yet. But I will prob have some baggies and a smaller stash jar for bringing bud on the go.
  17. Can't wait for my state to get MMJ , but I don't think I can get it just for my sleeping problems or my heart problems
  18. [quote name='"Joints only420"']Extra baggies! And filter screens and maybe seeds if u wanna start growin?[/quote]

    I feel like extra baggies would be a bad idea. If he gets busted, can't he get charged with intent to sell too? I know he's a med patient but they can't distribute.

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