would this light be enough for 2 plants?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by the bear smokey, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Probably. I use T5`s for veg growth and finish under HPS. By the looks of the light there not standard T5 lights and replacement bulbs might be kind of pricey as compaired to standard T5 grow bulbs. There about the same diameter as a T5 bulb but are U shaped and havent seen them to many times or in to many places.
  2. so I need a light that has 4 bulbs? I chose this light because the lumens was 10000. I seen 4 bulb lights that was only 8000 lumens. so what kind of light would you suggest.
  3. I was commenting on the shape of the bulbs not how many it had. Its an odd shape that you dont see often and replacement bulbs would probably be more pricey then a standard shaped T5 bulb. Another thing to look at is the kelvin rating, that one has a kelvin rating of 3000k which is more towards the red light spectrum which is more of a flowering spectrum, vegging spectrum is higher and more in the blue light spectrum. Some people use HPS bulbs for both veg and flower. I use T5`s with veg bulbs for veg stage and for flowering I put them under an HPS light. Kamelredlight really knows alot more about lighting spectrums and such then I do and hopefully he will chime in.

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