Would This Block Smell From My Pax?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by GreenVulture, Jun 3, 2013.

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    genius.png Would this block out smell from my pax? I've noticed it produces some funk smell when it's heating, so i'm trying to come up with ways to minimize smell as much as possible. Thoughts?

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    lol wait what... this kinda resembles a sploof, but you usually blow through a sploof after you've already inhaled from the vaporizer. I don't really know why you have the bottom of the pax in the tube because if the lid is closed there shouldn't be any vapor coming out of the bottom. If you wanted to reduce the smell you could cover the mouthpiece opening with your thumb so the vapor cant escape when you aren't hitting it, and make a sploof (i usually just shove a bunch of dryer sheets in a water bottle and poke a few holes at the bottom), and blow through that. It helps but it is definitely still a noticiable smell. Honestly i've given up on trying to use the pax in my room because of how it smells up my room when it is heating up, so if you do somehow find a way to eliminate the smell that'd be awesome :)
  3. You're basically smell proofing the air going INTO the Pax, it wouldn't work as far as eliminating smell. You're better off taking the sploof off and using it normally. :wave:
  4. Blow vapor into the sploof. Worked for my atmos Raws smell

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