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  1. So im 18,still in hs, still living with the parents and earlier this month my mother caught me pretty bad, and my parents said theyre drug testing me december 1st, and if i dont pass my car is taken away for a whole month (they pay half of the payments)

    well, its been since november 12th since ive smoked, ive been drinking tons of water,pissing, and sweating a ton since. If i go up to my parents tonight saying to take the test now, will i pass? Im not addicted or anything but i really want to enjoy this thanksgiving break and i miss my bowls in the middle of trees while snowboarding :p Its one of those thc tests, and they think that you need to be sober for 30 days to pass, and since she caught me two weeks ago i think that it will bring back some trust, so what do you say? Should take the test tonight? or wait 7 days till december 1st. i NEED to pass, thanks blades!

    & do you think this is kind of suspicious too? like will they be suspecting me of saying this so i can smoke again?
  2. Stop smokin the ganj around their place, and maybe all together.

    Till ur shits straight
  3. i say wait the 7 days and keep drinking and pissing and sweatin whatever. GOTTA have the tree to snowboard! :D:D:D
  4. My shit is straight..at times it curls up if it's too large though.
  5. haha i'm just sayin, you wanted some opinions and I gave you my two cents. :smoke:

    I hated havin to hide the smoke when I lived at the rents house
  6. I appreciate it man, and yes it sucks, they always kind of new i smoked but findind stuff was the last straw, it totally blows.
  7. They might think you're trying to cheat the system taking it early, might send up a red flag and since you're so willing they might decide to test you again soon after.

    7 days isn't that long, plus that's a extra amount of weed you'll save waiting till the 1st
  8. I know what youre saying. The thing is though, theyve been in really good moods latley and i want to prove to them i havent been smoking since. So ill just go up to her and say something like "Hey, if you want to test me tonight im pretty sure ill pass"
  9. 100% correct, it may be tempting to try and get it out of the way and smoke again but better to play it safe for the long term ;).
  10. but what im trying to ask the most is, would it be safe to take the test today or tomorrow and show up neg?
  11. Honestly man that sounds like "Hey, please hurry up and test me tonight because I know I'll be clean before I start smoking again this weekend"

    You shouldn't even bring up this test on the 1st. They should come to you and say "Okay looks like its that time, ready for your DT?" before it happens

    EDIT: Yes you should be clean, its been over a month and you've been working to clean yourself
  12. get a cleaner drink man
  13. home testing kits are SO weak... my parents got one when i was like in 10th grade er some shit like that lul.. i passed and I smoked like three days before that. i just drank water
  14. This is how I pass my drug tests in 3-5 days: take two azos (they're urinary tract pills sold at every pharmacy 50 for $8) in the morning with two bottles of water and everytime you piss drink another bottle of water. Take two more pills at night and you should be able too pass within 3-5 days depending on how much you smoke. I smoked almost everyday for 7 months and passed in 3 days.
  15. blow smoke in their face and laugh.
  16. Yeah, in all seriousness you're taking a home test. I doubt your parents are going to come into the bathroom and make sure you're keeping things legit. Just toss some water in that bitch with a dash of piss.
  17. [quote name='"Ean"']

    Yeah, in all seriousness you're taking a home test. I doubt your parents are going to come into the bathroom and make sure you're keeping things legit. Just toss some water in that bitch with a dash of piss.[/quote]

    I used to do this all the time. It works like a charm.
  18. Bleach that shit
  19. im thinking of going up to her tomorrow and saying "hey, you can test me whenever you want im pretty sure im clean"
  20. I'd wait it out and wait till your parents bring it up like that guy said. Sounding eager to take a drug test just makes you sound suspicious.

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