Would this be okay for 2 3 small plants?

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    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg First plant indoor low on money so got what I could will post a few photos of where I'm at, I'm using a cupboard until I can get a tent and so on. I brought standard light bulbs then I read they're no good, it is possible to grow with them? Would it come out like a one joint plant? I went and got two types of bulbs. I will upload photos of them just need advice on what to do next, I have three seeds germonating, not even sure if there male or female was given to me but as I have came this far I might as well try save some money to buy a couple seeds so if any one has any suggestions on what would be a good plant with maximum out come from what I have so far ain't got the money for all this big lights and fertiliser and pro grow so any tips on what I could use , I don't wanna make my weed all chemical and sprayed just water I wanna use tbh but I'm aware I'm going to need some type of plant food so if any one could help would really appreciate it thanks.
  2. First off...you can rip down that foil you've got around the walls of your space. It serves no purpose. I know...common sense would tell me that it would help, but it doesn't. You would get more reflectivity from just painting the walls a flat white paint. Secondly, the soil you're growing in there is way too dense and wet. These plants do not like their roots sitting in moisture all the time so whatever you're using, you need to add about 50% perlite to it. And you don't have all 3 seeds planted in that one pot do you? That's a no no. You need to put each germinated seed in some very arid and light soil (perlite mixed in) into a Solo cup with a bunch of holes punched in the bottom. Drainage is key on these babies.

    I don't know anything about the light bulbs you've got there. I see people on here start out grows with those lights sometimes, but not sure exactly which ones you need to have. You've got to get the correct spectrums in the bulbs for veg. You do not have enough space in that particular area there to grow and flower 3 plants. You need to get yours up and veg them for a couple of months until they show sex. Hopefully, you'll get a female out of the three. Keep your best female and continue onto flower with her.

    If you don't like the idea of using a bunch of chemicals in your plants, join the club. I use as little as possible myself. They key to not having to use a bunch of nutes is using very good quality soil and knowing how to pot your plants as they grow to allow the soil to feed your plants. We start ours in Solo cups with Roots Organics Original (the best I've found) soil. We water them in with properly pH'd tap water (a range of 6.3 to 6.7) and put them under the veg lighting about 12 inches under the light and just let them do their thing. When a plant first goes into soil, the first thing it does is start building a root system. Until it is finished creating the root system, the foliage just sits up top and waits. Only after the root system is good will the foliage begin to grow and the plant begin to use water. Until you see some growth, DO NOT GIVE THE PLANT MORE WATER OR NUTES OR ANYTHING ELSE. It's just forming roots. When the plant itself gets larger than the cup it's in (wider and taller), that's typically a good indicator it's ready to pot up to the next size. New soil, container one size up and you've got fresh nute supply. Do the same thing. pH'd water (6.3 to 6.7) and under the lights and leave it alone until you see growth. When it's bigger than the container it's in (wider and taller), repot up another size. Continue on until you get it into the container size you wish to flower in. Over watering is the biggest killer of plants by new growers. If you pick up the container and it doesn't feel as light as it did when you loaded it with fresh dry soil, IT IS NOT TIME TO WATER. You HAVE to let them dry out...almost dead dry, before you give more water. If you use this method, you shouldn't have to give any nutes at all until a couple of week or so before they go into flower.

    As far as cheap nutes...they do exist. Several years ago I chunked the 10-bottle, very expensive nute packages and started using "Jack's" by J.R. Peters. It's a two part (veg and bloom) combo dry mix that works like a dream and I can't even begin to tell you how much easier it is to work with then all those bottles. I can buy enough to last me well over a year (and we flower 25-30 plants every 10 weeks) for less than $15. You'll need a reliable way to check and adjust your pH. Don't buy one of the cheap pH testers off Ebay or Amazon either. They are worthless. If you can't afford a good one, $60+, you'll be better off just using one of the pH drops kits. You can pick one of those up for around $10 or so. But keeping the pH range of any liquids going into your plants is crucial to keeping the roots of your plants healthy. Water or feed out of range for very long, and the roots of your plants will lock up.

    There is a lot about how to grow these plants that the new grower needs to know to be successful and not stressed out all the time over doing this. Go to the new grower threads and read some of the sticky posts there for new growers. You're much better off knowing beforehand about the process and the plant than finding yourself with an issue along the way and being lost and confused. Put as much time to learning how to grow as you did figuring out what kind of setup you have or plan to use. Both work hand in hand for a successful grow. You can have an absolute grow palace, but if you don't know what you're doing, you're still not going to get any weed out of it. Good luck! TWW
  3. Thank you some really good advice , but they are all in the same pot not far from the top i put loser soil on top of them well im just gonna let these grow more as a project then for a outcome will order a seed im from UK there is hydroponic shops but far to pricey for any type of nutes or soil spend most my money on the soil and lights so will have to hold of on grow actual bud of a plant until i can order a female seed

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