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    Hey guys! I want to post a tutorial on a "Defensive Stash Box," but don't know if it would be allowed. I can't really find a rule against it but it seems like a shaky topic. It would be in homemade and diy forum, and when someone tries to open it, it gives them a little shock (not lethal or even slightly hazardous, it is powered by a 9v battery and only pumps out 120v at .45A) Do you guys think this is ok? I have already pm'ed a member of staff but I really want to get the tut up tonight if possible as I won't be online tomorrow. Thanks for any and all opinions guys!

    EDIT I went ahead and posted it, here is link http://forum.grasscity.com/diy-homemade/1160450-defensive-stash-box-tutorial.html#post16850120
  2. I think you are fine man. As long as it doesn't like send somebody to the hospital or fuck them up mentally you should be good to go.
  3. What purpose will this "defensive stash box" serve?

  4. Ever been with a roommate and you think they are taking weed? But you don't really care cause you guys are chill? You just want them to ask first? It's a fun way to stop them from taking bud without permission lol.
  5. Seems like an interesting idea but I would only add that also there are always those people out there who will try to make it a little more powerful or do something stupid to fuck it up/really hurt someone else or themselves... Food for thought :)

  6. I see what you mean, and it would be relatively easy to make it more powerful, but who wants to actually harm a buddy for touching your stuff?
  7. Good point I was going to add whoever would do that would probably so something else stupid anyways so it doesn't really matter haha
  8. That'll teach them not steal shit, that's for sure
  9. O yeah and it isn't dangerous imo. I have one on my desk next to me right now. I have been shocked by it about 100 times, and pretty much anyone over my house has been pranked into "Hey can you get my stuff out of that box over there" without issue. The only way I could see this harming someone is:
    A. Driving car and decides to open, they get distracted and crash.
    2. They are 95 years old, with high blood pressure, a heart murmur, and are very weak.
  10. Awwee I thought you had a stash box inside your car lmao

    But yea post a tutorial please
  11. KK I'm going to go make the thread I guess, hopefully when I get up tomorrow I won't be banned :eek: I'll post a link here when it's up.
  12. Cool idea but I wan't my box to kill people and make weed. OP MAKE ONE NAO!

  13. Link it on this thread when it's complete :hello:
  14. I'd like schematics for one which, when opened, launches a sedative dart at the opener.

    Ultimate stash box.

  15. That's what I was thinking. It reminded me of Dwight's treasure on The Office that sends a poison dart when you open it.

    The Office - One Man's Treasure - Video - NBC.com

    Maybe add like flashing lights too, or a loud tone or beep.
  16. hehe. my friend has a stash box, and he put tacks all sticking out towards the right side. It's gotten me, and several others.

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