wOuld this bE a wrOng thiNg t0 d0?

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    to put it simply- somebody won two concert tickets from me on ebay two afternoons ago and they haven't paid me yet. the thing is that they won them at face value $100 and i was hoping to make a little more so i can buy a lot of weed (sour diesels) later in the week.

    do you think it would be a douchey move for me to put them back on sale? how lnog should i give her?

    the thing is- these are tickets for a highly anticipated reunion concert-i saw someone before managed to get 330$ from two tickets :eek: i feel like i am getting ripped off here. i normally didn't plan on scalping them, but i could take advantage ? normally people pay me right after they win an auction

    what would you do blades? maybe i should give her one more day?

    i haven't hit my daily bowl yet so maybe i am not thinking clearly :smoke: or maybe im thinking very clear. for what it is worth these tickets go on sale again next friday so i wouldn't neceserially be fucking her over [​IMG]
  2. Typing like that in your title is wrong.
  3. def the wrong thing to do.
    but id feel jipped also.
  4. what tix? is it to the KMFDM show if it is I'll take em off your hands :)
  5. I dunno man, id be cheesed if I bought some tickets and someguy resold them.

    I dont know ebay, but if shes being a prick and really neglecting to pay you, and if its a big deal she can rebuy tickets somewhere else then id say fuck it do it.
  6. the only reason i came into this thread was to tell him this, and you beat me to it. :devious:
  7. scalpers are the scum of the earth...no offense
  8. If you knew how much you wanted, you should have set a reserve

    If the people won them fair and square, I'd give them up
  9. yea it would be shitty, but the fact that nothing has changed hands yet and you want more money, i would say pull out of the deal. also get out of ebay, put them up on craigslist put don't name a price. the people who want those tickets will come looking for them. they are also the people you can give a price to that is more than 100 dollars
  10. It sort of sounds like scalping, which is both horrible and illegal. You could still do it, of course, but IMO it's just immoral to do fellow fans of live music like that.

    How much more $ are you expecting to get off $100 tickets? Enough for a gram, maybe? Is it worth it?
  11. fuck it sale those shits for high price.
  12. do whatever you'd want done if you were in the ticket-buyer's position...

    two days isn't really all that much time. if the person won them, then they should have them.
    maybe after a week or something i'd reconsider... i don't know. do whatever you think is right...

    (i would just like to add, i have no idea how ebay works... but i don't think anything i said has anything to do directly with ebay itself, so whatevs. haha)

  13. i thought i was gonna be the only one to say that! sell those bitches, they're yours, she hasnt paid for em, cancel the thing somehow. and whats she gonna do? give you neg rep?
  14. dude smoke a bowl first off haha :smoke: ok, now give her til tomorrow at like 2 or whatever u think is reasonble and let her know that if she doesnt pay by then u will re-sell. then if she doesnt pay, sell em full value and buy yourself some dank and get really stoned haha :D
  15. She has 7 days to pay, as those are Ebays rules. Idk man id just sell them to her
  16. what is right and wrong is just mere opinion.

    opinion isnt fact so really it isnt right or wrong.
  17. shoot them a e-mail asking why they haven't payed you yet

    whatever they say, tell them that you have a personal 5 day "pay me or gtfo" policy and u are strict about it

    i hope u didn't give them the tickets yet . . .

  18. exacts...they had two days...fuckem
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    Yeah, I'd e-mail her an ultimatum: 48 hours or dont bother paying.
  20. If you wanna get banned from ebay do that.

    But the rules say you have to give them 7 days to pay.

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