Would this be a possible new beginning?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by nauti_27, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. wzzup,
    ive had not to much luck with my last endevor so im goin to try something a lil different. i came from a local store and i seen some supplies that might help me this time. i found some african violet soil, various pots, 20wtt lights, miricale-gro household plant food which has ammoniun nitrate and other types of nitrogen phosphrous and stuff. i also found a seed starter(u put the seeds in, add water it puffs out and your seeds have a growing medium) and i have access to all types of ventelation equip. once i get my new seeds do u think this would be a good start?
    some replys would help in my quest
  2. It sounds like you've got the basics in order, except maybe the lights. 20 watts won't do a whole lot for you; I'd suggest, if at all possible, to invest in a HID light. They really make a huge difference in plants, it was a startling difference 24 hours after I added my 250w Metal Hallide to my room.

  3. be carefull with the african violet soil, as if i remember right, it's for either acid loving plants, or lime .........not 100% sure but i think it's natural ph will be too far off for a MJ plant.........Peace out........Sid

  4. yeah but i'm not sure what it's ph was just straight out the bag, it may be even less........like 5.0........better to check before planting them........Peace out........Sid
  5. well ive looked back in my notes and it has a ph between 5.0 an 6.5. and as far as the lights i read in your beginner forum, that those work jjust as well. they supposadly put of the equaivalent of a 100wtt bulb but im not too worried about the cost im not richie rich more like joe millionare. i m just lookin for a good inexpensive way to get my plants on the grow. and ill do some more research on the ferts an get back wit u k.

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