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  1. I was browsing the web when i came across this and thought it looked cool. What is your guys opinion on this.


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  2. Sorry, kinda looks like a cheap piece of crap.  Metal bowl, rubber stopper yuck.  I have seen stuff like that before, usually they use normal bottles so at least they are stealthy, this one has rainbow colors and a big pot leaf so it loses that advantage.  If it's like 15 bucks or something...not bad.  But I think I can make something like that with stuff I have around my house for free.
  3. If you like it ain't that good enough? But the bowl does look pretty big to me, which could cause bad air to smoke ratio.
  4. I have seen those at local head shops and they really are some average pieces at best. It is a cool idea but your still smoking out of metal which I am personally not the biggest fan of. I don't see it lasting very long either, looks cheaply built.
  5. Oh i thought it looked kinda weird and it was very cheap, $6.99. Thanks for the help
  6. dude thats wicked. not a roor bong or anything but id def spend 20 bucks just to show off to my friends
  7. Well for 7 bucks it's not a bad deal at least.  I'd probably stick to blunts and joints, save up like 20-50 bucks and see what you can find.  I just don't think the rubber and metal is good for smoking.  The fumes of the rubber heating up probably aren't good.  You can probably find glass spoons for 15 bucks.
  8. Anything to suggest because i am willing to spend $50 on something good quality but discreet because I live with my parents, who don't know i smoke, and i don't plan on them them finding out.
  9. I had a molino mini bub and it was pretty great especially for the price. Only broke when my ex's dad dropped it off the porch :(

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