would this be a good first song to lean on guitar?

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  1. I really want to learn to play guitar and I want this to be the first song I learn. I've never used the guitar me and my friend Maggie stole in plain sight and walked out of the store with (lol it was so stupid and hilarious, like most of our adventures), and now that she's gone I think it would only be right to learn to play our guitar.

    I want to learn this song first because it is our absolute favorite radiohead song. we used to listen to it all the time. one time we stole my moms peach rum and got really drunk, listened to it and made up our own version, fake plastic rum lol. :confused: and then one day we got drunk and went into the grocery store and reenacted the video all dramatically. when we saw radiohead live we both like teared up and got mad excited when they started playing this. I think it would be nice to learn such a special song between us on our guitar.:love:

    would this song be easy to learn, especially for somebody like me who will probably suck at guitar?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKd06s1LNik]Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees - YouTube[/ame]
  2. With learning any instruments for the first time, practice practice practice. It's going to be difficult and frustrating at first, but keep with it everyday. Learn how to tune, hold a guitar, and strum properly first.
  3. You should get someone to show you the basics first, or even search youtube videos on how to get started, and once you're past that phase.. start slowly learning the chords in the song (google/youtube seach) and after much practise you will be an up and comeing rockstar :metal:
  4. Before you even try to learn a song just try to get yourself comfortable with moving your hand around the neck of the guitar and with picking up basic chords and transitioning between chords. Some people have troubles with barring frets also when they first start playing, something else to work on.
  5. Try some Johnny Cash stuff, pretty basic, plus good tunes.
  6. It is possible. It may not be the very best first song. However, when I first started playing guitar again since I was a little kid, it was a radiohead song I learned. I enjoyed the song so much it was my inspiration to not give up. So I recommend your choice.

    See, it is a pretty simple song, without too many difficult chords. However to really get that sound, it is by the gear, and effects which most likely you won't have. However it is still possible to get the song sounding right.

    Good luck
    Fake Plastic Trees tab (ver 2) by Radiohead @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
    (by the way the song I learned was A wolf at the door if you wanna try that one also)
  7. Smells like teen spirit is a good first song even the "solo" is easy :p
  8. [quote name='"Pantalica"']Smells like teen spirit is a good first song even the "solo" is easy :p[/quote]

    Yeah its a good choice for a first song, anything Nirvana is really because a lot of Cobain's style came from the mistakes he made while playing but that's how most grunge bands were/are. I'd recommend learning some 'cowboy' chords and power chords first just so you have a feel for how things are fingered otherwise even a simple song may prove very frustrating to learn. Also a lot of greenday, tree days grace, and classic rock songs are a good starting point.

    If you're serious about learning but don't want or can't afford lessons yet the guitar for dummies books are great, they have ones for different genres like blues, rock etc.. too so you don't have to learn a style you might never play. I've been playing about 10 yrs and I still learn things from those books and they're very easy to understand even if you've never picked up a guitar and I'd definitely recommend that you pick one up and try learning a little before considering lessons.

    Lessons by good teachers usually aren't cheap and some charge an upfront deposit you don't get back if you drop the lessons. This isn't always true but most really good teachers are like this because its they're insurance that if you drop out they won't lose money waiting to fill you're lessons time slot. Also remember not all teachers are expensive and not all expensive instructors are good teachers its best to talk to some of the students they've had for at least a few months and see what they think and what kind of progress has been made in their playing in the timeframe they've been there.
  9. Blink-182 is a good band to start off with when learning guitar

    Dammit was the first song i learned on guitar
  10. this will be fine to learn for a first song, but its kinda easy. my first was sweet child o mine and my second was crazy train, the key is to just learn the song slow and build it up. so learn the music that you like, thats gonna be what helps you the most.

    this is a video of me a year ago, just to show i'm not entirely full of shit
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMDMG6Ec5GA]Touching Tongues naked track solo - YouTube[/ame]
  11. I've learned a couple chords. :)

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