Would these lights work?

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  1. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg hi I was looking at some recessed lighting that seem kind of bright so I was wondering if they would work good for a growing setup?
  2. Quite a few growers have had great success using screw in led bulbs. I recommend taking off the plastic dome though so you get more light.
    3500k is better for flower, your 5000k color temp is better for veg.
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  3. 13 watt is not going to yield you much depending on the space you're looking to fill. You'd have to buy 10 to have a decent light output for even a small 2x3 area. By the time you spent the money to do that you'd be 10x better off buying a tent and a decent light. If cost is a concern MH/HPS setups have hit an all time low in price. 400watt complete setups with bulb, ballasts, and hangers go for as little as $99. The local grow store has nice 600watt kits for $148, vented hood, everything you need in one box.

    If you want to go homemade led bongsauce is a good person to talk to about building your own cree cob setup.

    If you want to go LED it would cost you 2-3 times the money to beat what that $150 600watter can put out. This is coming from someone who grows all LED. It's an expensive game to do correctly. I spent $2800 at least to outfit two 4x4 spaces and I could have spent more easily. My neighbor has a $200 1000 watt hps setup and doubled my yield. I'm still perfecting mine and I do save on electric bill but I can respect the price/performance ratio of the current HPS light.
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  4. I totally agree with Tbone... while these led lights can work and grow some great buds, it's much more cost efficient to step up to a larger grow bulb or light if you plan on using more then a few of these bulbs. It's not worth the start up cost at all to use these on medium-large scale grows. It's 10x easier , and a bit cheaper to run a small hps setup or build a cob.

    cob leds are currently the way to go imo. Years ago everyone talked about how eventually led lighting would catch up and get better and more efficient then other lighting...I think cobs are that milestone. I'm loving mine. Cob setups seem to be about 1-2$ a watt depending on how efficient you want to run them. That actually seems pretty cheap to me considering the first harvest will be worth 2-5x that much $.
  5. THNX for replying tbone. i have been considering a setup for a while, just get thrown off by life all the time. it be nice to be able to pick whatever strain i want and grow it. thats my motivation. i thought of going with the all in one-ready to go tent set up...i looked into them a while back and i was looking at spending at least 500, 150 sounds great. thats what i spend a week smoking. lol
    will that 150 get me where i need to be to begin growing minus the seeds? my problem was making sure i would get everything correctly and i have no idea where to go or who would be repuable.......
    i figured i would start off with enough space for four plants....
    i trird home made, ghetto route before, i learned a lot from it, plus i got me some decent smoke. now i want to go the right way, without having to build it.

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    $170 for a light
    $103 for a 4x4 tent

    $80 for a fan

    6" duct $20

    That's the basics. Add separate veg tent and light after first crop and convert 4x4 with 600 to bud tent. If you add amazon to those links you'll find them. That's the more expensive 600 kit with a nice vented hood so you can connect the fan right to the light.

    I think a 4x2 would be good size for veg. You could use a t5 or t8 fluorescent for veg. That would be cheapest. 400 mh would be good too.
  7. awsome, im going to check it out. thank you.
    how do you feel about auto-feeding the plants, so you dont have to? something that can go off on a timer???? is there such a thing that works well? i am very bad about feeding on a regular scedule, i think that was one of my weakness's last time...sometimes i wont be home for three or four days at a time

  8. You're probably going to want to do a drip system with a remote reservoir if you want to be able to do 3-4 days neglect. Either RDWC or just standard drip irrigation with soil.

    The technology is getting really crazy now. There's computer controllers that will automatically adjust PPM, PH, and water levels. I'm not familiar with the best stuff out there but there is lots now. Many interface with apps through your phone. If you want automated look into it.

    I was just at walmart yesterday and I don't know if I'm behind the times but they had receptacles you could buy off the shelf for $20 that would interface with an app on your phone and could be turned on or set to a timer from anywhere.

    I was thinking to myself you could team a bunch of those up with a webcam and have some very cheap and interesting automatic grow room control. Not quite as cool as a computer that makes sure your ppm and ph are always right but still kinda awesome.

    You could easily go cheap route and just have a reservoir with a pump/drip feeder controlled by your phone you can kick on for 10 minutes or so where ever you are at.
  9. that sounds cool, i am going to check that stuff out. thanks for the idea.....i know im behind in the times. i brought a outlet receptacle at home depot yesterday i can plug usb's in to charge stuff...
    are there any reliable drip systems and reservoirs you can suggest? i dont need all that new, fancy stuff thats probably expensive....just something that is economical and i can depend on and wont break in a month

  10. I'm not experienced with the more expensive inclusive systems. Some home builder may chime in. If you post a question about grow room design and automation in the grow room section you may get a better response. Many hydroponic growers build their own systems. I'm currently using a 6 bucket DWC setup sold by HTG supply. The one I have is called bubble brothers 6 bucket DWC. They have an interesting looking ebb and flow system there that may fit your needs. The HTG kits are all inclusive and require nothing but nutrients, lights, and plants. Good bang for buck place to buy stuff.
    Ebb and Flow System - Big Boy Hydroponic System

    There's many ways to do it. Are you planning on going hydro or soil? A drip system with remote res can work either way.

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