Would These Lights Work On A Tight Budget?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by FluffyMyNameIs, May 30, 2013.

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    I am on an extremely low budget. I don't care if it takes longer to grow the girls, I just want to know if these will work if I have like 5 of them with high wattage bulbs. Thank you -newbie at growing. :EDIT: I'm on like a 100-200 dollar budget until next summer. If they won't work, what would you suggest. I only have around fifty dollars to spend on lights.

  2. Ally from what heard hasn't got the reflective properties your looking for, what kind of space you using. I wont lie I'm a noob but I will help where I can take a look at indoor grow part of the forum for my thread titled my first grow diary I've spent around £40 in UK. Depending on space depend and DIY ability you can do it for very cheap.
  3. Basement. Room isn't an issue :)
  4. Do you know anyone scrapping any metal sheet or can get hold of any Mylar. If in a basement I would say tent with homemade Mylar light hood that can be lowered and raised. Ok for one crop at a time as all you have to do is lift the lights as needed and change bulbs. When flowering but find something that's 80% reflective and above. My hood is polished steal I believe and around 85-90% possibly 92% if I'm lucky.
  5. Interesting. Thanks! If anyone has any other cheep suggestions for lighting please let me know.
  6. Get a self ballasted Cfl one blue and one red. Blue for vegg and red for bloom. 25-50 bucks depending on what brand and wattage. Goes from 125w-200w and add a bat wing and done. No need to go crazy on things you don't really need. 1 fan should do it.

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    Do I have to install them or do they just have a plug for the wall socket, and is this what you're talking about? And can a CFL light work in a regular fixture?
  8. Yup that's it! Its 120v so just plug it into the wall, simple no?

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  9. That 60 watt light should do the trick you need a min of 2 lights per plant.
    As far as colour temperature goes people generally say to get as close to 2700K for flowering and 6500-6400K  for veg.  
    or a good mix of both throughout your grow would probably be the best.
    Im growing with a 5000K  and 3000K at the moment (because im a poor uni student lol) and my plant seems to always lean towards the 5000k.  
    (I wouldn't recommend using a 3000K I think its colour is too far into the green range and thus fairly ineffective).
    If you don't know what the Kelvin rating is of a light bulb  and how it affects your plants growth then you need to do a some research,  Dont expect to get a good harvest or even get to harvest if you haven't done any research on the basics.
  10. for $12 you would be way better off with a 4 foot shop light and cool bulbs.....ballast and bulbs.....$19
  11. Yeah I'm still doing my research I don't plan on doing anything until it becomes legal in Missouri anyway 
    all good brother, hope it works out for you!
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    Yes, but I would say use two, and buy at the very least, these bulbs for the grow. Should give you 8 or 9 thousand lumens in the grow space. At 5000K they'll be good for both the veg and flower if you're on a budget, as there's enough from both ends of the spectrum for the plant.
    To use those in the shades you bought, you'll also need one of these (which you can buy at any home reno store for 5 bucks in the electrical isle, not lighting isle):
    And that should bring you close to or under 50 bucks in the end.

    Should be able to do 3 plants no problem under these lights. 5 might be getting a bit much.
  14. Thanks, man!
  15. I'm still open to ideas so feel free to keep posting.

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