Would the Columbine Kids Have Run Amok if They Were Potheads?

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  1. It's well known that the Columbine kids (Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold) were heavy drinkers. One of them was nicknamed Vodka, and they frequently listed one of their hobbies as "getting drunk and going bowling." There's scores of material on the Internet that features them lamenting about the harsh treatment they received by their classmates, and I can just picture them taking shots of vodka inbetween rants.

    If they had picked up a joint once in awhile, it might've lessened the hatred and anger that led to the shootings.

    The same goes for Kip Kinkel and Seung-Hui Cho.

  2. i don't know man, i've seen some people get agressive on weed and those guys were psycho so we can't tell how it would've made them.
  3. weed makes u happy:)
    not angry:mad:
    but if ur sad it makes u more sad:(
    but usually happy:wave:
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    get your facts straight before you go assuming things. look much deeper into things and many things you may not have realized are indeed true. this particular subject can get me real wound up...so im not going there.

    the truth is not always what it seems. ;)

    dont focus on what the media puts out, do some of your own research.

    also...they were not HEAVY drinkers..

    sorry if i came off as a dick..

    edit: im not saying what they did was right or wrong im just saying get facts straight and see it from there side..
  5. They actually did smoke pot.....

  6. Bwaaa---whaaat??? You're not saying that gunning a bunch of people down was right or wrong??? :confused:

    Regardless, this thread belongs in General. It's not nothing to do with Seasoked Toking.
  7. stop pondering questions you can never have the answer too and no I dont think it would have stopped it because like everything else in this world weed is not magical and can not fix all the worlds problems like some people on this forum think. Weed is fun to smoke and has some highly medicinal values but it can't fix a broken record.
  8. You obviously don't know anyone that's a little "off the wall" that happens to blaze.

    If you tend to be a little violent, yeah marijuana might make your outbursts far and few in between. However, when they come they are greater in intensity. Not only that you can smoke and be back to normal right after. Super fucking bi-polar-esque

    It gives you this eerie kind of "do something sketchy, spark a blunt and forget about it" drive. It makes you more dedicated because you know you won't have any regrets because you won't be focused on whatever you've done long enough to regret it.

    This ***** really just said to stop pondering questions you can't have the answer too..and continued to ponder it.

    But yeah i'm on that same shit, weed wouldn't have changed those kids, they were too far gone.
  9. ^this actually.

    As much as we'd like to think weed makes everyone happy, it only tend to exacerbate feelings that you already have. Luckily, most of us smokers are happy as clams :smoke:

  10. i think it's because smokers develop a sort of greater logic about life so we don't stress as much :confused_2:
  11. Yesss, not beginning to get into the entirety of the OP's question but this statement pretty much sums up most of what I would have said. I wont deny the existence of exceptions to this for a second though.
  12. it would be impossible to answer this question. We'd never know.
  13. QFT, i have sever rapid cycling bipolar, and used to be hella aggressive and snappy. Now the trees make me cool like breeze. How every twice ive actually gotten mad as hell high and it wasn't pretty. I flipped 5x more shit then I would have sobre, didnt think about anything... except destroying shit.
  14. I'm on that same shit bruh...

    It's like something starts burning inside and until whatever gets dealt with NOTHING else matters.

    consequences, or none of that.

    It's all bad.
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    you obviously didnt do your homework if you think that if these cowards smoked a few doobies they wouldn't have opened fire and committed the mass murder of their defenseless classmates. They had this planned out and were going to go through with it regardless of whether they smoked. Not to mention their "master plan" failed epically(thank God these kids were amatuers)...sadly, they intended on killing many more.
    Just be happy they didnt smoke 'cause A. schmucks like them dont deserve to enjoy the herb. and B. It would give mary jane a horrible name and stigma attached to it. I could just hear the people against marijuana's argument "smoke weed, and look what happens, you'll turn into a monster and shoot up your school"
    bottom line, these chumps were antisocial misfits, who sat on the computer, went online and in chatrooms and played Doom all day. They had no life, so im glad they took their own at the end of the day, too bad they had to bring so many innocent people down with them.
    On second thought, I wish they would have lived and sat and suffered in prison, suicide was the easy way out, but what can you expect from these kids, I mean seriously, that Dylan Klebold kid looks like he stepped on the opposite end of shovel and it smacked him upside the face.
    ...and I dont know much about the kip kinkel and va tech shooter, besides what was reported on TV...but Im sure the same applies...it might lessen the "hatred"...but these individuals are sick in the brain and smoking some reefer aint gonna prevent these horrible massacres from occuring.

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