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would someone care to explain the difference between

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DroppinHammers, May 26, 2010.

  1. spliffs and joints? i saw both mentioned in a thread on here, and wanted to know the difference between the two, i went out for a smoke and just made this thread when i got back in lol, so yea could someone tell me the differece? :)
  2. Spliff = weed/tobacco mixture. Joint = Pure Herb
  3. Real simple:

    -Joints are your normal, everyday marijuana cigarettes. Rolling paper + roach + marijuana.

    -Spliffs are the exact same concept, except it's a mixture of marijuana + tobacco.

    I rather like spliffs with clove tobacco myself.
  4. A joint is just weed, but a spliff is a mix of tobacco and weed.
  5. spliffs are for poor ppl who cant afford to smoke just weed
    haha nah j/k...although that is the case for some ppl, lots of others just enjoy smoking spliffs, like Classified -"I always mix my tobacco and weed, its just that way its always been , shits natural to me."
  6. Spliffs are joints with tobacco a lot of european pot smokers prefer spliffs ive heard theyre really common in Amsterdam but ive never been there
  7. I've heard spliffs make the j burn better, and of course you lose less weed and get that bit of a head rush :rolleyes:

  8. Indeed. It's just a cultural thing and personal choice really. Could go into the history but yeah... culture n shit.

  9. And lung cancer:rolleyes: haha just kidding I just dont smoke tobacco, its not my thing

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