Would smoking out of a dry clay pipe be safe?

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  1. I made some clay pipes but I don't have a kiln to fire it and I'm not sure how or if I can fire it in an oven. The first one I made I just let it dry and painted it with acrylic paint, and it worked fine but I'm worried about breathing in the clay particles. Since I haven't baked the pipe would it be harmful to smoke out of it? I want to use them but I also want to be safe.

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  2. Fire it. And you need a kiln.
  3. ^
    What they said
    Also, have a gander at this
    That pipe looks cool AF too bro, if you find a way to fire it i'd pay a pretty penny for one of those ;)
  4. Don't they make stuff that you can fire in the oven? Sculpty or something? It comes in different colors if I remember right?..
  5. Should be fine.

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  6. Oh god no do not smoke sculpy its creates a harmful gas, just use some normal ass clay, and i'd say using a dry clay pipe is fine. Try blowing into the bowl before packing to clear out any microscopic clay that could be stuck in there!

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