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would smoking in an opened garage smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bump840, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. I'm thinking about going down in my garage with the garage door open and smoke like right at the door basically but would it make my garage and myself smell like mj after like 5 minutes? I gotta walk back into my house afterward do people usually smell like weed after they smoke outsideish? i'm probably gonna work on a couple things on my car before going in but chances are i'll probably get distracted or something anyways
  2. No I bake out my garage then just open that ish up, so I'm sure If you have the door open you'll be A OK
  3. Your still gonna smell a little, I would use a sploof just in case or just wear a jacket and take it off when your done. Throw in some gum and maybe stall yourself before going in for like 10 minutes and you will be fine.
  4. damn now you got me paranoid!! i did it before seeing your reply and changed my oil before i smoked then smoked and i got really high and forgot to do some other stuff and just went right in. i walked by my moms room with her door open and i feel like im gonna walk by while shes trying to sleep and smell marijuana
  5. but i think im gonna go take a nice hot banging shower
  6. Yes,

    You will most definitely smell like cannabis after smoking cannabis.
  7. but would it mostly be depending on how its smoked too?? i smoked out of a little bowl maybe that would smell less than a j or blunt?
  8. Dont be paranoid bro haha you will be fine the smell will go away faster then you think, so chill and enjoy man!
  9. for sure on the pipe, just make sure it doesnt stay cherried llike a j or a blunt.
  10. I smoke with my garage door closed all the time, blunts would be the smelliest, followed by joints, then glass. Usually when I smoke bowls the smell will be gone in a few hours. (not really too insulated) Last time I smoked a blunt in there was the last time I smoked a blunt in there, could still smell the tobacco a couple days later.
  11. thanks!!! i always wondered did anyone ever test whether the smoke that hasnt been inhaled yet will smell as much as the smoke exhaled after
  12. only one way to find out..
  13. actually two, one from testing it yourself and two having someone else test it for you and relay the answers
  14. Well, you're still going to smell like cannabis regardless of how you smoke it, but if you use a bowl the more noticeably familiar weed and burnt rolling paper smell won't be present.

    It'd be better just to exhale outside of the garage, so the smoke and its smell can travel through the air and not become trapped by the ceiling of the garage and possibly linger as a result.

  15. ah shit i forgot to remember to keep the doors open lol it'snot very well insulated though and no ones gonna be in there for at least another 10 hours so im hoping im good with that, but i need to make it to my bathroom now to take a shower without making anyone smell me as i walk to it
  16. Dude, I hotbox my garage and then just crack it when I'm done.
    I never smell, nor does the garage. You'll be good.
  17. I smoke in the garage all the time. I keep the door closed when I'm smoking, but I open it for 10 minutes after and no smell at all. Of course it's going to be loud to open and close the door if you're attempting to be stealthy. Why not just go completely outside? Then you don't have to worry about smell whatsoever.
  18. thanks i think this convinced me that im safe to linger through the house
  19. Size of garage is an important factor here.
  20. because its sketchy to everyone else just going out anyways, at least going to my garage i can be working on my car which is why im there

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