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  1. Hey all! So recently I decided that i'm done paying so much for my bud, I love smoking but dealing with inconsistent people on a regular basis grinds my gears. Anyways here's my brand new setup, its a 24x24x48 inch grow tent with a 600w led and 4 inch carbon filter/scrubber. This is a stealth build so any tips for quieter operation as well as keeping smell to a minimum would all be appreciated.

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  2. What's the actual draw of the led?
    What brand?
    It's very doubtful that it's an actual 600 watt led. When an led manufactures lists a certain wattage but the actual draw is less all that number means is that the diodes are able to handle the higher wattage. However they're ran at leas so they last longer.
  3. oh no i know that its not 600w, its just amazon marketing. The led light is the
    Goyaesque 600W LED Grow Light
    to me this led seemed like a great budget option
  4. Your setup will work just fine for a while. The fan and filter cannot be made any quieter. But you definitely need them for stealth. If I were you I would start saving aan get myself a couple Quantum boards. 200 watts would be plenty for a 2 x 2. And they are passively cooled so much quieter than your current light. In fact they make no noise at all
  5. yes if i had to complain about one thing its the dual fans on the led do make some noise, one question for anyone to answer but for seedling stage should i have my exhaust fan running or should i try to let heat and humidity build?
  6. Heat bad... Shoot for mid 70s all the way through. And at least try to keep it under 85F
  7. I think you may run out of space if you keep the fan and the filter so low, considering it's only 120cm tall tent.

    Where does your exhaust go? I first terminated mine at the tent top wall but found it really loud so tried replacing the ducting with insulated/silenced one, only to find it doesn't bend nowhere near enough and doesn't fit through tent holes. I ended up attaching it to the outside of the tent and it helped immensely.
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  8. the exhaust leaves the tent through the top left, maybe i could try rotating it and shooting the exhaust out the back right to snug it up
  9. IMG_20190612_194117513.jpg IMG_20190612_194141374.jpg

    Here's what I've got right behind me. Not very stealthy looking but to be fair the tent alone isn't either.
  10. Remember you can also run the fan and filter completely outside of the tent but, it would be a little noisier
  11. Thank you both for the help, check it out.

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