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  1. Hello,
    I am a partly-experienced grower who is about to begin his first journey on a solo-grow. If you’d like a little background, I’m 18 years old. I know, that sounds young, and most’ve you probably laughed out loud when I said that, but hear me out. I started working in a grow room at around 11 years old, where my father had a licensed grow in two 12x12 rooms, one for clones and the other for Vegetative. I helped him every day in the grow for 6 years, until he was arrested for a very separate incident that includes D.U.I. (Only talking about that so I’m not accused of doing this illegally). I learned how to fully setup, run, and moderate an Ebb & Flo system, along with the nutrient mixing ratios, light systems, etc..
    The reason I’m reaching out is because I just received approval by the state to grow up to 100 plants a year. I’m moving into my own place very soon, and when I do, I want to start my own grow. It doesn’t have to be big, I just want it to be big enough to play around with it. This is going to be my first time doing this alone, and because my father is imprisoned currently, it’s difficult to reach out to him for advice on the setup I’m creating.
    If you have any changes to the list, please tell me why you’re changing it so I can understand and learn. The nutrient recipe is based off my Father’s, however, I don’t have the exact amounts, so this was the best I was able to do with my current knowledge.
    My goal is to have about 6 plants in this tent. That’s about 2 plants per light, with around 2 and a half feet of space per plant. My overall goal is always going to be quality, however, if I can also create large yields, that is definitely something I’ll strive to do. My father mostly cultivated OG Kush and Phantom OG, and he had about 12 plants per 12x12 room, and he accumulated anywhere between 114 to 228 grams per plant. That’s around what I’m hoping to achieve in the long-run. I have not decided if I’m going to start with an autoflower or not, I guess you guys’ can help me with that decision.
    I’d love to have someone help me get really in-depth with this. If you’d be willing to talk to me on the side through this process, I’d love it if you contact me separately! I may have more questions in the future, and The Cannabis Industry is something I’ve had a passion in for years. Thank you for your time in reading this and I look forward to hearing any concerns, changes, or even general comments to my grow. (Last thing I’d like to add is I will eventually like to upgrade to a 10x10 or larger once I’m more comfortable with growing)

    *budget isn’t a problem, I’m simply trying to get the best mix of equipment for the best possible quality + high yields*

    *I also understand due to my lack of experience, it’s not going to be great or even good at the start. I’m going to run into lots of issues and I’m prepared. This is my passion. This is what I love. That’s why I’m going all out on something I have little experience with.*

    Email: TristenGelrud@yahoo.com

    Here’s my setup for a 4x8 LED Ebb & Flo Hydroponic automated system:

    - General Hydroponics FloraMicro, FloraGro, & FloraBloom (Quart) - $35
    - General Hydroponics Floralicious Plus (16 Ounce) - $30
    - General Hydroponics FloraKleen (Quart) - $15
    - General Hydroponics CaliMagic, Armor Si, & Liquid KoolBloom (Quart) - $45
    - General Hydroponics FloraBlend (Gallon) - $30
    - Real Grower’s Recharge (16 Ounce) - $50
    - Apera pH Calibration Buffer Solution - $25

    - Gorilla Grow Tent 4x8 - $600/ea
    - Electric Sky 300 (4) - $700/ea
    - Current Culture UC8XL13 Hydroponic System - $2,300/ea
    - AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6 - $150
    - CoolGrows 6-Inch Air Carbon Filter - $45
    - 6” x 25” HVAC Flex Duct non-Insulated Venting Hose - $25
    - TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier (4 Liter) - $45
    - Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater - $60
    - Hurricane Wall-Mount Fan (2) - $45
    - Holmes 8-Inch Fan - $20

    Nutrient Recipe
    1. FloraMicro - 2mL/Gal - Vegetative through Flower
    2. FloraGro - 3mL/Gal - Vegetative
    1mL/Gal - Flower
    3. FloraBloom - 1mL/Gal - Vegetative
    3mL/Gal - Flower
    4. Armor Si - 1mL/Gal - Vegetative through Flower
    5. CaliMagic - 4mL/Gal - Vegetative through Flower
    6. FloraBlend - 3mL/Gal - Vegetative through Flower
    7. Floralicious Plus - 1mL/Gal - Vegetative through Flower
    8. Liquid KoolBloom - 2mL/Gal - Week 5
    9. Recharge - 1 scoop/Gal - Vegetative through Flower

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  2. Wow man, what a setup! Only thing I could see is maybe a little to much nutes in the veg state. But I'm not a super expert yet, they love Nitrogren in the veg state mainly for clorhphyl & protein.

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  3. I’m glad to hear that it’s looking good! I’ve been doing nonstop research, building up almost 72 straight hours of information both read and watched. I still don’t have everything figured out, and the nutrients is definitely what I’m still bumpy with. It’s probably going to take a lot of trial and error to get the ratios correct when these babies start growing, but I’m looking forward to the process nonetheless!

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  4. I like your inline fan choice!
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  6. You have it made with the state license. The rest is diligent study. Great set up.
  7. Thank you!!!!!!

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  8. Nutrient Feeding Charts & Schedules — GreenBox Grown

    Love this section has charts cor like 15 different brands for eaxh stage aswell as week by week! Life saver lol.

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  9. Check the dimensions of that 4x8 table. They sometimes measure the outside or inside which makes it bigger than 4x8.
    It’s going to be a tight squeeze either way.
    Do you have access to all sides of the tent?
    I have a 10x11 room with 2 4x8 tables
    What size of res are you using?
  10. If it turns out to be bigger than 4x8, that would be even better for me, giving me more room to work in the tent. It’s basically the same as yours, 10x10 area currently for the tent

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  11. Definitely seems like you are flashing your money in our faces. Lol

    Anyways very nice set up. I plan on getting an ac infinity fan for my next grow. Very impressive fans also can get a 4 year warranty and great reviews. Also like that tent. Bought a vivosun and it's eh. Gorilla grow tents are very nice and thick. Also like how they have the extended ceilings. Anyways I'm jealous definitely post some pics of your grow.
  12. No no no, I have nowhere close to a lot of money. I just turned 18 a few months ago, I finally just got my car. I don’t see how I’m flashing money in your face, I provided price tags to see if anybody had other suggestions due to price points or just as helpful information. This is going to take me a little bit to save up for, I’m about halfway there and I started 3 months ago...

    Well thank you, it means a lot to get positive feedback, especially since I’m still learning. I’ve noticed the AC Infinity fans seem to have the best standards, so it was a pretty easy decision for me. The reason I went with the Gorilla Grow tent is because of it’s thickness. This may have to be partially outside, so I wanted it as insulated as possible to keep the temperatures steady.

    I will definitely post pictures once I get this set up and running !!!

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  13. Your parents let you grow?
  14. If price isn’t an issue and you got place long term and it all legal build a box plywood and white paint much better for hanging stuff ect get electrician to wire up 240 get better bang for ur buck or live with out a dryer I would if I owned my own place and if my rental had a dryer I would unplug it lol
    As well if ya want to do it in a tent I would get multiple tents so u can be growing plants in all stages ready to go into flower when ur other ones harvest it’s nice once it gets rolling
  15. In that size area I always run (2) 6" x 16" evenflo CF(s) centered at 2 feet from the left and right sides of the tent and then each is hooked directly to a 6" 240CFM booster fan that I run at full throttle, then I use one of my AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T8(s) that is hooked to a two-way so air goes into the tent from both the left and right sides of the tent. And the left side vent is positioned at the back of the tent and the right side vent is positioned at the front of the tent. Then I set one of my AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T8(s) to run at 400CFM, which forces fresh temperature controlled air into the tent, so that each inlet at the opening always reads between 165CFM to 180CFM. That way I still maintain a slight negative pressure system which makes sure all smells go through one of the (2) CF(s) while still allowing for a huge amount of fresh temperature controlled air to be thoroughly distributed throughout the entire tent.
  16. I live on my own, might move in with friends

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  17. Hm, that’s actually a pretty interesting tactic, I’m definitely going to look into that. That would make a good cushion for temperature control and humidity. You said you set one of your T8’s, do you have multiple? Would you recommend 2 evenflo CF’s, 2 T8’s, and the booster for a 4x8?

    I am planning on expanding far into the future, but just for reference, would you change any of it if I were to move to a 10x10?

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