Would like some help finding a vape.

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  1. Hello there, this will be my first post here. I'm a student turning 19 in a few weeks. I'm looking for a budget vape, but not a true budget vape that's shit. I need to stop smoking joints around the house because I get paranoid. Though for good cause, I was born without the sense of smell. Therefore I do not know what anything on this earth "smells" like, which isn't so bad but I cannot tell if a bag smells bad. I also cannot tell how bad I stink but from what I've been reading, people who smoke weed cannot scent it easily themselves alike cigarettes.
    So a vaporizer would be extremely good for me, I just set on buying ten or twenty bags and have all of it before I return home after eating a curry or something in hope that covers the smell. That eliminates having to stash the bag at home. I've seen quite a few amazing vapes but at the cheapest I can only find them around £150. I would rather spend £30-60 if possible. The MFLB looks great but the battery life is terrible.
    Cheers :)

  2. The battery life isn't terrible for me.    It lasts a whole trench and I get 15 to 20 hits from a trench.    For me, that's about 4 days worth.
  3. No bueno on the mflb. Solo is your best bet

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  4. Arizer solo, Its like drinking soda out a can for 3 hours.
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    If your not going to buy a good vape for $150, do not waste your money on MFLB, get a cheap dragon lite launch box..Both are shit but one costs alot less.. Get an arizer solo, Vapir No2...anything please no MFLB.... Its a damn wood block with aa batt n wire creating heat when you complete the circuit... OMG  so happy  I bought a solo after trying the MFLB from a buddy for 2 weeks. If I was going to be cheap Id buy the vapir no2.. I own a Dragon lite and it works..its just not a real vaporizer more like a heater.. Will burn weed if you hold to long..
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    Bullshit.    I LOVE my MFLB, as do a LOT of other people.    But just because I really like it, does that automatically mean that everyone else will as well?   Absolutely not.    But to generally call it a piece of shit is simply not true.
    The Dragon, however,  is a piece of shit vape from a piece of shit company and all one has to do is to read the following two links to get a bit of a better idea what I'm talking about: 
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    Never said dragon lite is any good, I just compare the two to being low quality vapes
    The DL is made of plastic and has a cheap wood bowl. Little plastic stem but its only $35 shipped
    The MFLB is a wooden box with glass stem .
    Its definatly a manual product with no circuit boards and will outlast other vapes. If the price was $40 then it would be worth it. It's just not worth the price imo. But hey what ever keeps you from smoking the stuff.

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