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  1. so im 18 and still a virgin. at this point i don't really care about the social tag this suggests, what concerns me is that i dont find anyone appealing, or at least not enough to want to try something. so it got me thinking that i might be bi, so i tried watching some guy on guy porn and while it didnt bother me, it was nothing special. so i dunno im at a confusing place right now. all my homies bailed on me for no apparent reason, but i think they think i'm gay. what do you guys think? should i just fuck the next girl i see? should i wait for a real relationship? oh and something else. i've heard that weed makes some ppl gay, and well i feel that when i'm high being around a bunch of guys gets really awkward and it makes me insecure about my sexuality. is it due to the myth that weed makes you gay or am i doing something wrong?
  2. never heard about weed making you gay...

    do u get a boner watching guy on guy?
    is yes, you are gay


    either way you dont need to just go out and fuck the first girl/boy you see, sounds like you are pretty confused and that will probably make things even more confusing. Take it slow man.
  3. too high to deal with this, but short answer, you're probably not gay, maybe bi, maybe bi curious, maybe just straight as an arrow surrounded by girls you're genuinely not attracted to, give it time
  4. thanks for your replies. yeah i am very confused but hearing other people's opinions does help a little. and i heard about the weed making you gay myth on some tv shows. nothing legit. it seems that now all i gotta work on is not being so socially awkward.
    -stay high
  5. I've never heard the myth that weed makes you gay. Just take it easy and if weed makes you uncomfortable then take a break.
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    To be honest i think a decent amount of people would have those thoughts if they were still a virgin at 18, and u live in the SF bay area the highest rate of gay people in your country (i think), it most be the media making you think your gay or somthing idk. i say you should just keep trying to get a girlfreind. I just think u should try sex with a female first.
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    Weed wont make you gay, it will however make you less inhibited and if you have any suppressed homosexual feelings then they just might come out of the closet if you smoke enough,lol.

    But seriously you sound bisexual to me. I say hook up with a member of each sex and se what ya like. If you don't know where to hook up with a guy or a chick for that matter or you are worried about discretion then use a call girl/guy service, every city has one.
  8. you are in sf... go down to a gay club and let a gay guy hit on you, see if you like it or if you get creeped the hell out.
  9. guys have hit on me and it does creep me out, its very unpleasent.
  10. you sound straight to me. your best bet is to just give it time. with time comes experience and with experience comes knowledge. good luck on your journey young grass hoppa'.


  11. I don't think weed turns people into homosexuals, I do think it can make certain people paranoid enough to cause them to think in such a fashion that they start believing that their fears are a reality. They aren't usually, just chill man.

    You are who you are, if you're not hurting anybody who gives a shit what you do, thats your power as an individual and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. As for your friends, if they can't except you for whatever you are (or whatever you may think you are) then they really aren't friends, I'm sorry for being blunt.

    I'm the same age as you dude, and honestly I've wasted too much of my earlier teen years worrying about how I was being viewed by the people around me, just live. As for not finding anyone appealing I'd say just give it some time, maybe it's just some sort of temporary funk or something.

    I'm kinda buzzed so if I came off as a preaching tard I apologise once again, what I'm trying to say is just do what you feel is appropriate while not stepping into quicksand.
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    Use your imagination. Pick a male and a female friend you know and imagine having sex with both. That's all I can do because no one has really interested me yet and vice versa. So I'm just kind of floating around, not sure about how to even start a relationship if i wanted to, but also trying not to act needy and pathetic about it. So, yeah, use that imagination. It's only lame if you acknowledge that it's lame, which I try to pretend it's not (all the while knowing better).

    Have a sense of humor (to yourself) about your problems and it helps a little- at least for me. Like Chris Farley, ignoring the fact that he overdosed on opiates and cocaine...uh.
  13. hahahaha weed making you gay? thats funny shit..

    and i think your just trippin over something thats not too big of a deal.. If you havn't fucked yet you may just need to adjust your game a bit..

    and theres no problem with being gay.. it doesn't sound like you are.. but dont trip about it man.
  14. You're young bro, and youth is fraught with far too many insecurities for me to add another by trying to guess whether there's an issue with your sexuality, but I will say relax brother, everything happens in it's own time. While that may not be as comforting as one would think it's still true. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself--I know, easier said than done--to be whatever it is you fearfully imagine in your head. Contrary to what many "studs" think, you don't have to be screwing every woman on the planet to prove anything because who you are is determined long before penetration.

    Spend some time getting to know yourself a little better, because there shouldn't be any guesswork when it comes to you.

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    So you're mildly asexual; the desire to waste time dealing with women isn't in you.

    Cherish this gift.

    on a serious note, maybe something about your diet is hurting your sex drive. Do you eat a lot of processed food? Get much exercise?
  16. thanks man, yeah i know my friends are fake. i dont really hang out with all the people i used to. the thing is, now im lonely and bored most of the time. and yeah you're right i do care too much what people think. but i'm trying to change that, im really at a point where i know my faults i just dont know how to fix them because my biggest problem is this sexual id confusion im going through because all i want is to be a man.
  17. i dont excercise at all, but i weigh 130 at 5'6"
  18. thanks a lot man

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