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would like some advice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ganjaman03, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. the only times ive smoked weed is with mates, but i wanna do it by myself....last time i was really stoned and greened out then my parents were sus lol...but could some1 plz give me some advice on how to do it??? thanks
  2. well toke up and tell whoever doesn't like it to get fucked.
  3. how to do what? smoke by yourself or deal with your parents?

    Smoking by yourself is one of the best ways you can truly relax. Listening to music, or watching a movie is usually better in this type of situation.

    If you're concerned about your parents, just get some beer, and tell them you're drinking.
  4. Go for a walk. Have a friend roll you up either a blunt (a marijuana cigar made by "gutting" a regular cigar and re-rolling ir with ganja) or a couple joints and go take a walk through the neighborhood. I'm lucky, I live right next to a park. What I usually do is smoke a blunt while walking through the nature trails. Plus, I always bring a coke, a water bottle, and my mini-bong in my hemp Marley bag. That way I can walk off the trail a little ways and finish off the roach with a couple fat rips :bongin:.
  5. Also, here's some tips for dealing with the rents:


    Incense - Easily the most helpful thing on this list. Start using it all the time, not just when you smoke. Say that your friend had some and you liked it. Keep it burning while you smoke and for at least ten minutes after.

    Towel under the door - Take a towel and fold over the last inch of the towels edgetwice so that it's 3-ply and stuff it under the edge of the door (make sure it's a tight fit, but also make sure that the towel isn't poking through on the other side).

    Fans - After incense, fans are the most helpful thing you can do to de-smokify your room. Have one fan pointing out your window on full blast, and have your ceiling fan on to help circulate air.


    Visine - A stoner's best friend. Learn to properly apply them and always double check in the mirror, it's pretty bad to walk into the room with one white eye and one that looks bloodshot as hell.

    Tic Tacs - I'm personally fond of the citrus flavored ones, but as long it freshens, it's all good.

    Axe/Cologne - Short of changing your clothes, this is the best way to elimiinate the "aroma de Chong" from your clothes. Make sure you don't overdo it. The point here is to subtlely mask the ganja smell, not to draw attention to it

    Germx/Scented Soap - If you smoke joints or blunts, your hands are going to reek. I know that germX reeks, but it's one of the few things that completely eliminates the odor. Best to be on the safe side.


    The easiest way to get caught is to worry about getting caught. Just take slow deep breaths. Visualize yourself walking out of the room scot free. If you don't think about failing then you wont fail. Trust me (by the way, control giggles!).
  6. I point my full size fan directly out the window and sit behind it, then I blow the smoke into the back of the fan and it blows it out my window. I do this right when my dad leaves for work at about 5 in the morning.

    This gives me about 10 hours at most for the smell to dissipate. I then use axe or something to cover the smell, (if there is any left)

    I have had my parents walk through my room after and not notice a thing. :D
  7. dude do what i did when i was a teen... just start smoking in ur room... blowing your smoke into a pillow, your bed, a damp towel, or a sploof

    start just walking around and talking to ur parents when your stoned... and the more you do it the more weed will contribute to who you actually are, and no one will suspect a thing (of coarse only if you actually like weed)

    if your parents start asking and such, be respectful and just say no... just keep saying no if they dont have any evidence. But if they do, just tell them it's your personal choice, you're not harming anyone (including yourself) and if your grades are good use that to your advantage.

    its gonna be scary at first, everyone knew me as the dude that was scared to go around his parents after a smoke session, but i turned into the dude going "mom, im baked out of my fucking skull". Just be polite and dont act like a dick when your high.

    im baked out of my mind right now so idk how much sense that made, but hopefully it helps
  8. Build a Sploof and you'll be set, there is a really good guide on making one here on The City by Hashmouf. Just search Spy Sploof.
  9. Haha, same here. I even told my mom the first time I did shrooms. We were in a McDonalds drive thru and I was just like "Mom, I love you. By the way I'm tripping balls on shrooms, can I get a #10?"
  10. You pretty much nailed all the points. But the best thing to do is be comfortable with being high, this way you can basically talk to your parents, make a sandwhich, or even talk to a cop while totally stoned. You won't look high if you appear confident with your speech and actions.

  11. When it comes to cops (or parents) and women, the key is confidence.

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