Would like opinions on this girl

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by London glenn, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. first time grower new to this would like opinions

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  2. nice looking girl mate ....fat leaves as well so theres some Afghani in that plant ....mac...
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  3. PFN..or Pretty Fu**** Nice..LOL
    Welcome to the City!!:)

    She may need a bit of thinning before flower..Train her well too:)
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  4. Ahhhh!!!! Thanks man
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  5. It’s white widow fem :) and thanks man
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  6. Thanks so much !!
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  7. It’s on day 10 of flower
  8. OK..Then NO WHIP!! LMAO
    You can always do LST..I usually Super crop up til 14 days in myself..No issues yet;)
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  9. Ahhh thanks for the advice I counted 43 colas is that to many ??
  10. Hahhah..never too many..(You mean Bud sites I think)
    Just keep air moving to prevent bud rot..also watch for sagging stems as the develop..4-7 wks they start plumping up
    see the GDPs on the right (Luckily those Sasquatchs on the right have stout stems and branches;))
    52 days in..going to begin flushing next week:)
    2nd pic is of a supercropped area getting some nice plant fiixins..
    8-31-17.jpg 8-31-17 stacked.jpg
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  11. That’s amazing lol I’m taking notes right now thanks thanks thanks !!!
  12. A pleasure..Happy growing;)
    BTW: did you zoom in on that closeup?? She is a frosty bitch..LOL
    This a progression showing the same area..In the 1st pic=I hurt her); 2nd pic= she is pissed and sending the goodies up to repair herself..3rd shot is today.:) 8-13-17 supercroped GDP#2.jpg 8-17-17 stacking.jpg 8-31-17 stacked.jpg
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  13. Coming from you (the Master) That is ONE Big Compliment..Thanks!;)
  14. Thanks a lot fam :)
  15. K
    Bro that’s nice but I don’t wanna hurt mine to achieve that lol
  16. laughing.gif
    Use rubber gloves..NO MARKS>>LMAO
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