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Would like more info on Blue Cheesal strain

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BlueToad, Nov 14, 2014.

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    Just came across a strain called "Blue Cheesal". That "al" at the end is confusing me. I'm familiar with "Blue Cheese", but does anybody know what that "al" at the end means? What distinguishes "Blue Cheesal" from "Blue Cheese"? Any more information about this strain would really be helpful.
    Looking for info on:
    1. effects\t
    2. indica/sativa percentages\t
    3. the meaning of "al" at the end of the word "Cheese"\t
    4. plus anything else you might know about this strain
    If "Blue Cheese" (from is:
    "Blue Cheese, the product of Big Buddha Seeds, is a cross between Blueberry males and U.K. Cheese females. One single male was chosen to be crossed again with a U.K. Cheese female thus making Blue Cheese 80% Indica."
    Then what is "Blue Cheesal" (ie, how is it different)?

  2. Possibly a blue cheese cross with a Querkle.
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    "Chiesel" is Big Buddha Cheese x New York City Diesel.
    Blue Chiesel, I'm assuming is Blue Dream, Blueberry, etc. crossed with Chiesel or something else similar to what I mentioned.
  4. OP where are you from? My friend just bought an eighth of this "Blue Cheasal" tonight also. When he was trying to tell me the name I was really confused about the AL part also. All I can say is, that shit was really fruity compared to stuff we usually have around here. (OH), I got really baked off half a blunt. My tolerance is really low right now though. Also I guess his dealer got it from a medical dispensary in Michigan. That's all for now. I'm trying to buy some tomorrow. Will report back
  5. Yeah most likely blue cheese crossed with something but I would google for your information.

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  6. Blue cheese x sour d
    Makes logical sense. Was leaning in that direction too. No wonder google wasn't of any help, I had the wrong spelling of "Cheesal". Looks like it's supposed to be spelled "Blue Chiesel", as Pie Romania alluded to earlier.
  8. Now I know what "Chiesel" means. Just gotta find out what the "blue" corresponds to in this particular strain. Thanks for the feedback, btw, Pie Romania.
  9. Blue Chiesel Cannabis at Chi San Diego Collective - mmjmenu

    This is a fabulous cross of Blue Dream x Cheese x Sour Diesel. A mellow and clear headed Sativa Hybrid. Blue Chiesel
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    I'm out of IL. Fruity undertones can be nice for a change, I had some really fruity smelling 3X Crazy recently. It was a nice treat for a change. Will have an opportunity in the near future to get my hands on some "Blue Chiesel" to try. That should be nice too. 
  11. Now I know what the "blue" corresponds to in this particular strain. Thanks lio lacidem! Now I'm REALLY looking forward to trying this wonderful sounding strain!
  12. As with many strains, the genetic profiles can differ in accordance to the various breeders.

    Let's fist establish what Chiesel is comprised of (original true cut)

    Cheese by Big Buddha x New York City Diesel by Soma = Chiesel

    The team over at DNA Genetics then took DJ Short's Blueberry (Malle) and pollinated the female Chiesel.

    Again, with the abundance of the professional breeders, and the ever growing at home gardeners getting the hang of chucking pollen, It can be made up of all the above.

    (Any "Blue" genetics x any Cheese genetics x any Diesel genetics)

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