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would jiffy peanut butter work

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by PuRpLe HaZe., Sep 13, 2009.

  1. I am getting a 15 bag to day and i plan to roll two joints and make some peanutbutter cannabutter with the rest would jiff peanut butter work???

    also if i leave it sit for a day or two???
  2. All natural peanut butters work best. But as long as it isnt fat free or anything it should work fine.
  3. I highly doubt it would work in a cannabutter recipe but for firecrackers jiffy is recommended.
  4. Do firecrackers its worth it, if you dont think the pb has enough fat content put a teaspoon of veggie oil in it and heat it in microwave to mix it toghether evenly.. GL mate
  5. ill give it a shot can i just make it in the peanut butter then spread on the cracker
  6. yes omg, some one else with allittle commons sense. ive been telling people to do this for forever but their like "no just make fire crackers, its better". the fact you have cracker next to your peanut butter only gives you nasty crackers.

    what i do is i get an old glass jam/salsa jar and fill it about half way with peanut butter then i mix in about 7 grams of some good mids (or what ever about u want, you can just scale it). to cook it i just throw it in the oven at 300 for like 35-40 mins, stir once in a while to mix the weed bits around.

    if you do this you can just have a jar of special peanut butter sitting in your fridge, and it fucking lasts forever. and i mean both keeping you high and keeping potent.

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